Office of the Bureau Chief
Tel. (202) 418-1500, Fax (202) 418-2825
Title Name
Bureau Chief Kris Monteith
Deputy Bureau Chief Lisa Hone
Deputy Bureau Chief Trent Harkrader
Assoc. Bureau Chief Daniel Kahn
Assoc. Bureau Chief Terri Natoli
Assoc. Bureau Chief Adam Copeland
Assoc. Bureau Chief Sue McNeil
Chief of Staff Kirk Burgee
Legal Advisor Justin Faulb
Legal Advisor Jesse Jachman

* On Detail to Commissioner O'Reilly's Office - Arielle Roth (Legal Advisor)

*On Detail to OWD - D'wana Terry

*On Detail to OCH - Allison Baker

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Administrative and Management Office
Tel. (202) 418-1133
Title Name
Assistant Bureau Chief/Management Noelle Green



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Competition Policy Division
Tel. (202) 418-1580, Fax (202) 418-1413
Title Name
Division Chief Pamela Arluk
Deputy Division Chief Melissa Kirkel
Deputy Division Chief Heather Hendrickson
Deputy Division Chief Ramesh Nagarajan
Deputy Division Chief Edward Krachmer
Assistant Division Chief Jodie May Donovan
Assistant Division Chief Rodney McDonald
Assistant Division Chief Matt Collins
Special Counsel Michele Berlove
Special Counsel Elizabeth Drogula


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Pricing Policy Division
Tel. (202) 418-1520, Fax (202) 418-1567
Title Name
Division Chief Gil Strobel
Deputy Division Chief Victoria Goldberg
Deputy Division Chief Lynne Engledow
Deputy Division Chief David Zesiger
Deputy Division Chief Robin Cohn
Assistant Division Chief Irina Asoskov
Senior Counsel William Kehoe
Special Counsel Albert Lewis


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Telecommunications Access Policy Division
Tel. (202) 418-7400, Fax (202) 418-7361
Title Name
Division Chief Ryan Palmer
Deputy Division Chief Alexander Minard
Deputy Division Chief Jodie Griffin
Deputy Division Chief Karen Sprung
Deputy Division Chief Bryan Boyle
Deputy Division Chief Johnnay Schrieber
Assistant Division Chief Cheryl Callahan
Assistant Division Chief James Bachtell
Assistant Division Chief Suzanne Yelen
Assistant Division Chief William Layton
Assistant Division Chief Stephanie Minnock
Assistant Division Chief Rashann Duvall
Assistant Division Chief Charles Eberle
Special Counsel Katherine Dumouchel
Special Counsel Gabriela Gross

* On Detail to Commissioner Rosenworcel - Travis Litman


Thursday, January 7, 2021