Office of the Bureau Chief
Tel. (202) 418-1500, Fax (202) 418-2825
Bureau ChiefTrent Harkrader 
Deputy Bureau ChiefNoah Stein 
Deputy Bureau ChiefTerri Natoli 
Deputy Bureau ChiefAdam Copeland 
Chief of StaffLisa Zaina 
Assoc. Bureau ChiefElizabeth Drogula 
Assoc. Bureau ChiefSuzanne Yelen 
Assoc. Bureau ChiefAllison Baker 
Assoc. Bureau ChiefLisa Wilson Edwards 
Legal AdvisorCallie Coker 
Acting Legal AdvisorKiara Ortiz 
Acting Legal AdvisorSimon Solemani 

*On Detail to OCH - Elizabeth Cuttner

*On Detail to Comm Starks’ Office - Justin Faulb

*On Detail to Comm Gomez's Office - Heyley Steffen


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Administrative and Management Office
Tel. (202) 418-1133
Assistant Bureau Chief/ManagementNoelle Green



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Competition Policy Division
Tel. (202) 418-1580, Fax (202) 418-1413
Division ChiefJodie May Donovan
Deputy Division ChiefMelissa Kirkel
Deputy Division ChiefHeather Hendrickson
Deputy Division ChiefEdward Krachmer
Deputy Division ChiefChris Laughlin
Deputy Division ChiefRandall Sifers
Assistant Division ChiefRodney McDonald
Assistant Division ChiefMichele Berlove
Assistant Division ChiefZachary Ross
Special CounselChristi Shewman

* On Detail to Chairwoman’s Office - Ramesh Nagarajan

* On Detail - Matt Collins

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Pricing Policy Division
Tel. (202) 418-1520, Fax (202) 418-1567
Division ChiefVictoria Goldberg
Deputy Division ChiefLynne Engledow
Deputy Division ChiefDavid Zesiger
Associate Division ChiefChristopher Koves
Assistant Division ChiefIrina Asoskov
Assistant Division ChiefErik Raven-Hansen
Senior CounselWilliam Kehoe
Special CounselAlbert Lewis


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Telecommunications Access Policy Division
Tel. (202) 418-7400, Fax (202) 418-7361
Division ChiefJodie Griffin
Deputy Division ChiefBryan Boyle
Deputy Division ChiefJohnnay Schrieber
Deputy Division ChiefJessica Campbell
Deputy Division ChiefJesse Jachman
Associate Division ChiefNicholas Page
Associate Division ChiefMatthew Baker
Assistant Division ChiefCheryl Callahan
Assistant Division ChiefJames Bachtell
Assistant Division ChiefWilliam Layton
Assistant Division ChiefNathan Eagan
Assistant Division ChiefPhilip Bonomo
Senior CounselSue McNeil
Special CounselKatherine Dumouchel
Special CounselGabriela Gross
Special CounselTheodore Burmeister
Special CounselAudra Hale-Maddox
Special CounselJennifer Best Vickers

*On Detail - Karen Sprung

*On Detail - Rashann Duvall

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