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Flagship Initiative: Measuring Broadband America

Working collaboratively with industry, academia, public interest organizations and others, the FCC’s Measuring Broadband America program develops open and transparent platforms for measuring broadband performance and releasing Open Data solutions driven by the contributions of volunteers from across the country. The FCC Speed Test App for Android and iPhone extends the MBA’s four-year history measuring consumers’ fixed broadband performance to measure the mobile broadband performance of volunteers throughout the US using crowd-sourced smartphone applications. The app test volunteers upload and download speed, latency and packet loss, as well as the wireless performance characteristics of the broadband connection and the kind of handsets and versions of operating systems tested.

Open Government Progress at the FCC

The following resources and webpages highlight the FCC's commitment to a system of transparency, public participation and collaboration.

Open Data

Proactive Disclosures

  • FCC Comment Policy: Fostering participation to more effectively and efficiently fulfill the mission
  • Plain Writing at the FCC: Supporting the FCC's commitment to clear, concise and effective communication
  • Send the FCC Your Comments: How to file public comment on open proceedings at the FCC
  • FCC Reports: Search or browse the FCC's publicly available reports
  • How to Contact the FCC: Contact information includes staff phone directory, key postal and email addresses, bureau and office contacts and organizational charts
  • FCC Items on Circulation: Commission-level items that have been circulated and are pending action by the full Commission (updated weekly)
  • FCC Freedom of Information Act Page: Browse Chief FOIA Officer reports, annual FOIA reports, quarterly FOIA reports, report data files and comparisons to other federal agencies
  • FCC Consumer Publications Library: Guidance for consumers seeking information on communications issues
  • FCC Contracting: Information for contractors interested in supplying goods or services to the FCC
  • FCC Strategic Plan: Links to the FCC's Strategic Plan for 2012 - 2016, as well as its current and historical budgets, financial reports, and performance reports
  • FCC FY 2014 Budget: Read or download the FCC's current fiscal year budget
  • Working Papers: Filter the FCC's working papers by Bureau and Office, or by topic


Whistleblower Protection

  • No FEAR Act: Includes information on anti-discrimination laws, whistleblower protections laws, and policies protecting employees from retaliation for engaging in protected activities


  • FCC Tools Page: Publicly-accessible tools and applications help consumers and entities that do business with the FCC or need FCC-related information
  • Website Notices: Information on making the FCC's electronic technologies accessible for people with disabilities; the Paperwork Reduction Act and FCC information collections; website inventory, priorities, schedules and maintenance policy
  • Accessibility Clearinghouse: FCC information hub about innovative ways to communicate, especially for people who may have a disability; includes browsable resources, products and services
  • FCC Consumer Feedback: A forum for ongoing discussions on FCC.gov user topic threads
  • Open Government Initiative: To learn more, visit the official webpage at whitehouse.gov