FM and LPFM Construction Permit and License Applications
are now in LMS.  See the September 10, 2019 Public Notice.


We understand that the FCC's application filing systems aren't always easy to understand and use. That's why we created this LMS Help Center page, to assist you with creating filings in the FCC's Media Bureau's Licensing Management System (LMS).   The LMS system covers broadcast radio and broadcast television filings.


LMS Public Searches...

Before You Start LMS Electronic Filing...

  • FRN Number.   Nearly all filings require an FRN (FCC Registration Number) number.  If the licensee, permittee, or applicant does not have one, it may create one through the FCC's CORES system.
    • How do I find my FRN?  For licensees that aren’t sure about how to determine which FRN to use to access LMS, simply start by searching for your callsign or Facility Identifier (Facility ID) here:  When the Station Search Results are displayed, click on the “Click for Details” link next to the correct station.  Then, at the bottom of the Station Search Details page, click on the link for “View FRN History.”  Any FRN listed on the FRN History page may be used to initially log into LMS.  Please note that, once an FRN is associated with a facility ID in LMS, that FRN is the only one that may be used to access and submit filings in LMS.
    • When logging into LMS for the first time with an FRN that is associated with a facility ID that had multiple associated FRNs in CDBS, the licensee will be asked to “Select (the) FRN of Record.”  Doing so will permanently associate the login FRN with the selected facilities, making that FRN the only one that may be used to file applications for those facility ID(s) in LMS (please make note of that FRN).  Facility IDs with only one associated FRN will not be required to select the FRN of record.


  • Facility Callsign and Facility ID Number.    Each broadcast radio or television station has been assigned a station call sign and a facility ID number.   This won't apply to applications for new broadcast stations.
  • Get the Form or Schedule Instructions below.  These will help you assemble required information and application attachments in advance of filing the application.  And reduce errors, frustration, and confusion.


Logging In to LMS...


Applications, Schedules, and Forms Available in LMS...

  • The following applications, schedules, and forms are available for electronic filing in the LMS system.
Schedule or Form   Instructions Description / Related Material Applies to
Schedule 301-FM   Instructions for 301-FM Commercial FM Broadcast Radio Construction Permit Application Commercial FM Broadcast Service (not LPFM)
Schedule 302-FM   Instructions for 302-FM Commercial and Noncommercial Educational FM License Application Broadcast FM Service (not LPFM)
Schedule 303-S   Instructions for 303-S | Schedule 303-S Instructions – Television Renewal of Broadcast Station License (File Schedule 396 First!) Broadcast radio and television services
Schedule 318   Instructions for 318 Low Power FM (LPFM) Broadcast radio (LPFM)
Schedule 319   Instructions for 319 Low Power FM (LPFM) Broadcast Radio (LPFM)
Schedule 340   Instructions for 340 Noncommercial Educational FM Construction Permit Application  NCE Broadcast FM Service (not LPFM)
Schedule 349   Instructions for 349 FM Translator or Booster Construction Permit Application Broadcast FM Translators and Boosters
Schedule 350   Instructions for 350 FM Translator and Booster License Application Broadcast FM Translators and Boosters
Schedule 396   Instructions for 396 EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Program Report Broadcast radio and television services
Form 398   Summary for Form 398 Children's Television Reporting Broadcast television services


  • These documents are needed to prepare LMS filings, but are not contained within LMS:
Title Schedules or Application Types Applies To:
Radiofrequency (RF) Exposure Compliance Worksheets Schedule 303-S
Radio construction permit applications
Broadcast radio services



  • As additional applications and forms are added, information will be posted here. 

If you need assistance...

  • Radio Station License Renewals (Video).  This four minute video provides information that radio broadcasters nees to know, and actions to take to ensure a smooth license renewal process.

  • Slides with screenshots, used for the April 29, 2019 Audio Division staff presentation at the FCBA Mass Media Committee Brown Bag Lunch, may help you get started.

  • LMS:  Filers who have questions regarding FRNs, basic filing requirements, or who need assistance logging into LMS or accessing Schedules 303-S and 396 should contact the Commission at (877) 480-3201 (Option 2), Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm ET, or send a request online using the contact form at Submit Help Request.


Information about AM and FM broadcast radio stations is available at the Audio Division on the FCC's website.  Information about TV stations is available at the Video Division.



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