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The Audio Division of the Media Bureau licenses commercial and noncommercial educational AM, FM, FM Translator, and FM Booster radio services, and also the noncommercial educational Low Power FM radio service.  The Division provides legal analysis of broadcast, technical, and engineering radio filings and recommends appropriate disposition of applications, requests for waivers, and other pleadings.

Information about radio broadcast stations and the application process is available through this page.


Audio Division
(202) 418-2700
Chief, Audio Division
Senior Deputy Chief
Deputy Division Chief, Law
Deputy Division Chief
Assistant Division Chief
Assistant Division Chief
Assistant Division Chief
Assistant Division Chief
Senior Counsel
Albert Shuldiner
James Bradshaw
Tom Hutton
Lisa Scanlan
Chris Clark
Alex Sanjenis
Nazifa Sawez
Rodolfo Bonacci
Thomas Nessinger


New Visitors to the Audio Division Site

If you are coming to the Audio Division or Video Division pages for the first time, please start with our New Visitors page.  On this page we have collected the information most commonly sought by first time users concerning radio and television broadcasting.

Headlines for the Audio Division

The Audio Division Headlines page lists recent and past documents of importance, dating back to 2002.  There are also options to help locate other documents published by the Audio Division (back to 2006) and FM Allotment Rulemaking orders (back to 2006).

Filing Courtesy Copies of Pleadings Relating to Audio Division Applications

The Audio Division encourages parties that wish to file courtesy copies of pleadings relating to Audio Division applications (broadcast radio only) to submit a copy of the FCC date-stamped filing to the following e-mail box: audiodivisionpleadings@fcc.gov.  PDF is the preferred format for these submissions.  Pleadings must be officially filed in accordance with the Commission's rules and the procedures established by the Office of the Secretary.  Only properly filed pleadings will receive a Commission date stamp.  Documents submitted by e-mail but not formally filed through the Office of the Secretary will not be considered.

Broadcast Station Search Tools

Our popular Internet Queries may be used to retrieve information about radio and TV broadcast stations: AM Query   FM Query   TV Query
Mailing Addresses for AM, FM, TV
CDBS Public Access Search
   Search CDBS Using a Facility ID number or an Application ID number
   Radio stations authorized to transmit IBOC digital signals: [ AM | FM ].
      Digital Radio page 
AM Travelers' Information Stations
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