Request Types: By List
Primary or Club Station
Request Types: By Former Holder (Club Station)
Club Station

Vanity Call Signs

For the club station for which you are the license trustee, you may request a call sign that was previously assigned to that station. When so requesting for a club station:



Q: I recently returned to amateur radio as a codeless Technician class licensee. Many years ago, I held a Class A amateur operator license. My old call sign is in Group A and is currently not assigned to another station. Am I eligible to get it back?

Q: Am I eligible to get my old Novice Call sign back with the N in the prefix?

Q: I was a Novice in the 1950s. My call sign was KN2HHR (for example). Had I upgraded, I would have received K2HHR but I let the license expire when the one-year term was up. Now I am a codeless Technician. Am I eligible for K2HHR under the former holder provision?

Q: Am I eligible for my former call sign KZ5XX (for example) that I had while in the Canal Zone?

Q: Now that I have my new vanity call sign, I realize that I would rather have the call sign I just vacated. Can I get it back?

Q: Can I request that the call sign I vacated be assigned to my new club station under the former holder provision?


Wednesday, October 5, 2016