Vanity Call Signs

For the club station for which you are the license trustee, you may request a call sign that was previously assigned to that station. When so requesting for a club station:

  • You may request your club station's former call sign even though it has been unassigned for less than two years. The two-year requirement does not apply to an otherwise eligible club station if the call sign was previously assigned to the club station for which the requestor is the license trustee.
  • You do not have to hold a class of operator license required for the Group (A, B, C or D) for the call sign requested. A call sign request by former holder may be from any Group in the sequential system.
  • Your mailing address does not have to be in the Region designated in the sequential system for the call sign requested. A call sign requested by a former holder may be in any Region (excluding call signs for Regions 11-13).
Monday, March 18, 2019