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Mobility Division

Wireless Telecommunications

The Mobility Division is responsible for a cutting-edge portfolio of rulemakings that facilitate rapid, widespread deployment of wireless communications services, promote competition, and set the stage for the next generation of wireless communications in the United States.  The Mobility Division also oversees wireless spectrum licenses used to provide vital connectivity solutions to the American people on land, aboard vessels, and in the air.

The Mobility Division’s policy and rulemaking activities encompass a wide range of spectrum bands used to provide 4G and 5G broadband services to consumers, used by private wireless networks nationwide (including by critical infrastructure), used by maritime and aviation interests for safety in navigation and flight, and used by individuals as part of the personal radio services.  The Division also spearheads projects involving Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Contraband Interdiction Systems, and Offshore spectrum access.  

The Mobility Division is also responsible for authorizing service through a variety of geographic, site-based, and personal spectrum licenses.  Geographic licenses include flexible use spectrum such as 700 MHz, 800 MHz Cellular, the 900 MHz Broadband Segment, PCS, 3.45 GHz, 3.5 GHz, and 3.7 GHz.  Site-based licenses include VHF and UHF private land mobile licenses (including those for critical infrastructure), maritime ship and coast stations, and aviation ground and aircraft stations.  Personal licenses include the Amateur Radio Service and GMRS.  In this light, the division oversees spectrum coordinators such as the certified land mobile frequency coordinators (Part 90) and Spectrum Access Systems (Part 96).  Via the Bureau’s Universal Licensing System, the Division acts on hundreds of thousands of licensing-related requests each year and conducts license audits to efficiently and effectively manage the wireless radio spectrum. 


Management Team

Roger Noel, Division Chief
Lloyd Coward, Deputy Chief
Tom Derenge, Deputy Chief (Engineering)
Linda Chang, Associate Chief
Paul Powell, Associate Chief
Joyce Jones, Associate Chief
Keith Harper, Associate Chief (Licensing)
Josh Smith, Assistant Chief (Licensing)