For decades, wireless devices, including cell phones, have been smuggled into correctional facilities nationwide. In some cases, incarcerated people use these devices to engage in a variety of criminal activities posing serious threats to officials, incarcerated people within the facility, and innocent members of the public.

Contraband Interdiction Systems

The federal government and various states have been using and investing in technologies known generally as Contraband Interdiction Systems (CIS) to combat contraband wireless device use in correctional facilities. These technological solutions rely on the use of wireless spectrum and include: managed access, which can capture and drop calls made from a contraband device; and detection systems, which can be used to obtain device identifying information.

CIS Authorization Process For Disabling Contraband Wireless Devices

The Commission has established a 2-phased process whereby certain corrections officials, known as Designated Correctional Facility Officials (DCFOs), can request that wireless providers disable contraband devices if the request relies on a CIS that has received special FCC approval and that has undergone successful correctional facility site-testing.

CIS/Correctional Facility Approval Status TrackerList of Designated Correctional Facility Officials (DCFOs)


CIS Lease Information

CISs typically operate through lease agreements between solutions providers and wireless providers, and the Commission has streamlined and expedited the process of obtaining lease approval.

CIS Lease Agreements by Correctional Facility

Wednesday, March 13, 2024