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Why is there an audit and who does it affect?

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) is conducting a license audit of certain site-specific licenses authorized under Part 22 and Part 90 of the Commission's rules to determine if they have permanently discontinued operations during the license term. This is the third audit conducted by the WTB. The audit consists of all licenses authorized under Part 22, Subpart E, Paging and Radiotelephone Service, with a “CD” radio service code and licenses authorized on the exclusive channels under Part 90, Subpart P, Paging Operations, with a “GS” radio service code. The spectrum audits are being performed to increase the accuracy of the Commission’s licensing database in order to efficiently and effectively manage the radio spectrum.

The licenses included in this audit are:

  • Part 22, Paging and Radiotelephone Service, and includes all licenses with a radio service code
  • Part 90, Paging Operations, and includes all private carrier paging licenses with a radio service code authorized on exclusive channels

This audit does not affect geographic-area licenses that were awarded as a result of an FCC auction or licenses in the radio service that are authorized on the five shared frequencies; 929.0375 MHz , 929.0625 MHz, 929.0875 MHz, 929.1625 MHz, and 929.2625 MHz.

When did the audit start?

During the week of September 27, 2004, WTB mailed audit letters to all licensees in the and (exclusive channels) radio services. Licensees were required to respond by November 12, 2004. On December 7, 2004, a second audit letter and notice of cancellation was mailed to licensees that did not respond to the first inquiry. Licensees are required to respond to the second inquiry within forty-five (45) days of the date on the letter. Information from the audit will automatically update the Commission licensing database.

What does the audit ask?

The audit requires licensees in the and (exclusive channels) radio services to certify that its authorized station(s) has not permanently discontinued operations during the license term as defined in Section 22.317. Section 22.317 states that “any station that has not provided service to subscribers for 90 continuous days is considered to have been permanently discontinued, unless the applicant notified the FCC otherwise prior to the end of the 90 day period and provided a date on which operation will resume, which date must not be in excess of 30 additional days.” Section 1.955 of the Commission’s rules requires a licensee to notify the Commission of the discontinuance by filing a FCC Form 601.

Do I need to respond?

When do I have to respond by?

How do I respond to the audit?

When I access Audit Filing what will I see and what responses can I make?

What if I receive multiple audit letters?

If I wish to make changes to my license, can I do so in Audit Filing?


Wednesday, December 8, 2004