The American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association (ASHE/AHA) is designated to serve as the exclusive Wireless Medical Telemetry Services (WMTS) frequency coordinator. Any health care provider who wishes to use WMTS equipment at a given location must first register with ASHE/AHA and provide specified information for the WMTS database. The database will record all WMTS equipment, identified by location, operating frequency, emission type and effective radiated power. It will also contain the equipment manufacturer and model number for each deployed WMTS device, as well as contact information for each authorized health care provider. This database will assist authorized health care providers and equipment manufacturers in ascertaining which frequencies may be used in a given geographic area without fear of interference.

ASHE/AHA’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and processing WMTS coordination requests submitted by authorized health care providers;
  • Maintaining the database of operating WMTS equipment;
  • Notifying WMTS users and equipment manufacturers of potential frequency conflicts; and
  • Coordinating WMTS operations with radio astronomy observatories and Federal Government radar systems that share the same frequencies

ASHE/AHA must make its services available to all parties on a first-come, first-served, and non-discriminatory basis. ASHE/AHA must also provide access to the WMTS database to all parties seeking such access. ASHE/AHA may not, however, specify the frequencies to be used for any particular WMTS operation nor attempt to resolve any frequency conflicts that may emerge.

The WMTS users themselves will resolve frequency conflicts, and the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau will make the final decision in any disputes that are not resolved by the parties.

ASHE/AHA must cooperate in exchanging information with Part 90 frequency coordinators and Part 90 licensees with respect to operations in the 1427-1432 MHz band. Just as the Part 90 frequency coordinators must notify ASHE/AHA within one business day of proposed new non-medical telemetry operations for which they have made a frequency recommendation, ASHE/AHA must also provide timely notification to all Part 90 telemetry licensees potentially affected by the deployment of WMTS equipment at a given facility.

For WMTS frequency coordination matters, contact:

Benjamin T. Leutze
Senior Advocacy Associate
American Hospital Association
155 N. Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60606
P: 312-422-3826

Thursday, April 8, 2021