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Available licensing data and data sets within the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. If you do not see the data you are looking for please reference the data and reports offered by FCC.

Data & Data Sets

ULS & ASR Weekly Public Access Files

Weekly public access files.

ULS & ASR Daily Public Access Files

Daily public access files.

3650 Grandfathered Wireless Protection Zone filings

Public access to the data set for 3650 Grandfathered Wireless Protection Zone filings.

Applications on Environmental Notice

Listing of applications on environmental notice.

Mobile Deployment Form 477 Data

Data no longer updated. For current data please see the Broadband Map.

Protected FSS Earth Station API

The Protected FSS Earth Station API allows SAS administrators the ability to download FSS Earth Station Antenna Registration System data as directed by the FCC.

Report Data

700 MHz Guard Band

Annual Guard Band Reporting for 700 MHz.

Competition Reports

Available mobile wireless competition reports listing.

Monday, January 29, 2018