August 19, 2019 - Updates to Header and Market Partition record types

The ULS Public Access file structure for record types Header [HD] and Market Partition [MP] were updated Monday, August 19, 2019.

This update adds Whitespace Indicator as a new element in both record types. [HD] now has 51 positions and [MP] now has 15 positions.

Please reference the ULS Field Definitions and Public Access Database Definitions SQL on the documentation page.

August 16, 2018 - Updates to FREQUENCY and ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY record types

The ULS Public Access file structure for record types FREQUENCY [FR] and ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY INFORMATION [F2] was updated Thursday, August 16, 2018.

This update moves the data element Date First Used from the ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY INFORMATION [F2] record type to a new position within the FREQUENCY [FR] record type for both application and license data sets.

Please reference the fields definitions (PDF) and SQL table definitions (TXT) documents for the latest changes. See the summary of changes below.

The Date First Used data element references the Buildout First Use available under the Frequencies within ULS.


The total number of positions within the record decreased from 19 to 18.

*** Removed ***
Position 16 Date First Used mm/dd/yyyy

*** New Position Order ***
Position 16 Status Code char(1)
Position 17 Status Date mm/dd/yyyy
Position 18 Protocol Restricted or Unrestricted char(1)

The total number of positions within the record increased from 29 to 30.

*** Position Added ***
Position 30 Date First Used mm/dd/yyyy

March 8, 2018 - Additional positions added

ULS implemented changes to the public access files to support changes to the AN, UA, MK records and add a new ST record. The changes are listed below.

Reference the fields definitions and the SQL table definitions documents for the latest changes (updated 3/1/18).

Additional positions to be added to existing record definitions


position 37 psd_nonpsd_methodology varchar(10)
position 38 maximum_erp numeric(15,3)


position 11 claiming_unserved_area char(1)


position 21 bidding_credit_type char(1)
position 22 claiming_unserved_area char(1)

*** NEW record definition to be created ***


position 1 record_type = 'ST'
position 2 unique_system_identifier numeric(9 0)
position 3 uls_file_number char(14)
position 4 ebf_number = NULL
position 5 call_sign = NULL
position 6 sector_action_performed char(1)
position 7 sector_number int      
position 8 psd_nonpsd_methodology varchar(10)
position 9 maximum_erp numeric(15 3)
position 10 psd_attachment char(1)      
position 11 location_number int      
position 12 location_name varchar(20)      
position 13 status_code char(1)
position 14 status_date datetime


Monday, August 19, 2019