The next business day following the filing of an application, you may check the application's status to ensure a successful submission.

Checking Application Status using the Universal Licensing System

To check the status of an application, go to the Universal Licensing System and:
  1. Click on the Application Search button.
  2. Select General for the Search Type and click Continue.
  3. On the search screen, specify the fields you want to search by and submit your search.
  4. You can search by any of the fields. For example, you may want to search by File Number or Licensee Name.
To limit your search to applications within a particular service, select the appropriate Radio Service Code. If searching by Licensee Name, type the name you want, as in the following examples:
  • Smith
  • Smith, Robert
  • Smith Jr
  • Smith Sr
  • Smith Jr, Robert
Punctuated Names: Earlier systems did not accept punctuation within a name. Thus, to search for a name that is hyphenated (such as Smith-Jones) or includes an apostrophe (such as O'Brien), you should use the percent sign (%) wildcard character. Some examples are:
  • To search for Smith-Jones, type either Smith or %Jones in the Licensee Name field.
  • To search for O'Brien, type %Brien.
  • To search for McCormick or a similar name, try %Cormick.
Within the database, punctuated names may be in any of several formats, such as O Brien or Obrien, depending on the system from which it was converted. Using the wildcard character will locate the name regardless of how it is stored in the database.
Wednesday, October 5, 2022