The following radio services are grouped by internal service code:


Radio Service Code Radio Service Description
900 MHz Band (BS)
BS 900 MHz Broadband Service
Amateur (Internal Service Code: AM)
HA Amateur
HV Vanity
Antenna (AN)
AN Antenna Structure Registration
Aircraft (AV)
AC Aircraft
AD AWS-4 (2000-2020 MHz and 2180-2200 MHz)
AH AWS-H Block (at 1915-1920 MHz and 1995-2000 MHz)
AT AWS-3 (1695-1710 MHz, 1755-1780 MHz, and 2155-2180 MHz)
AW AWS (1710-1755 MHz and 2110-2155 MHz)
Broadband Radio Service (BR)
BR Broadband Radio Service
(formerly Multipoint Distribution Service - MD)
Coast and Ground (CG)
AA Aviation Auxiliary Group
AF Aeronautical and Fixed
AR Aviation Radionavigation
MA Marine Auxiliary Group
MC Coastal Group
MK Alaska Group
MR Marine Radiolocation Land
PC Public Coast Stations, Auctioned
Cellular (CL)
CL Cellular
Educational Broadband Service (ED)
ED Educational Broadband Service
(formerly Instructional Television Fixed Service - VX)
Commercial and Restricted (FC)
CM Commercial Operator
RR Restricted Operator
Land Mobile Commercial (LC)
GL 900 MHz Convention SMR (SMR, Site-Specific)
GM 800 MHz Convention SMR (SMR, Site-Specific)
GR SMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conventional
GS Private Carrier Paging, 929-930 MHz
GX SMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conventional
IK Industrial/Business Pool, Commercial, Conventional
LN 902-928 MHz Location Narrowband (non-multilateration)
LS Location and Monitoring Service, Multilateration (LMS)
LW 902-928 MHz Location Wideband (Grandfathered AVM)
NC Nationwide Commercial 5 Channel, 220 MHz
QA 220-222 MHz Band, Auctioned
Auctions 18, 24
QD Non-Nationwide Data, 220 MHz
QO Non-Nationwide Other, 220 MHz
QT Non-Nationwide 5 Channel Trunked, 220 MHz
YC SMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Auctioned

Auctions 16, 34, 36
YD SMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Auctioned
Auction 7
YH SMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Auctioned
YK Industrial/Business Pool - Commercial, Trunked
YM 800 MHz Trunked SMR (SMR, Site-Specific)
YS SMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
YX SMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
Land Mobile Private (LP)
BC 1670-1675 MHz Band, Market Area
GB Business, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conventional
GI Other Indust/Land Transp, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conv.
GJ Business/Industrial/Land Trans, 809-824/854-869 MHz, Conv.
GO Other Indust/Land Transp, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conv.
GU Business, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conventional
IG Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional
LP Broadcast Auxiliary Low Power
LV Low Power Wireless Assist Video Devices
QQ Intelligent Transportation Service (Non-Public Safety)
RP Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
RS Land Mobile Radiolocation
YB Business, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
YG Industrial/Business Pool, Trunked
YI Other Indust/Land Transp. 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
YJ Business/Industrial/Land Trans, 809-824/854-869 MHz, Trunked
YO Other Indust/Land Transp. 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
YU Business, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
ZV Formerly IVDS now 218-219 MHz
Auction 2
Microwave (MW)
AB Aural Microwave Booster
AI Aural Intercity Relay
AS Aural Studio Transmitter Link
AW AWS, 1710-1755/2110-2155 MHz Bands
CE Digital Electronic Message Service (Common Carrier)
CF Common Carrier Fixed Point-to-Point Microwave
CT Local Television Transmission
DV Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service
LD Local Multipoint Distribution Service
MG Microwave Industrial/Business Pool
MS Multiple Address Service, Auctioned
NN 3650 - 3700 MHz
PE Digital Electronic Message Service (Private Operational Fixed)
TB TV Microwave Booster
TI TV Intercity Relay
TN 39 Ghz, Auctioned
Auction 30
TP TV Pickup
TS TV Studio Transmitter Link
TT TV Translator Relay
TZ 24 GHz Service
UU Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service (UMFUS)
WA Microwave Aviation
WM Microwave Marine
WR Microwave Radiolocation
Midband (MB)
PK 3.45 GHz Service
PL 3.5 GHz Band Priority Access License
PM 3.7 GHz Service
Millimeter Wave 70-80-90 GHz (MM)
MM Millimeter Wave 70-80-90 GHz
Personal Communication Services - PCS (PC)
BA 1390-1392 MHz Band, Market Area
BB 1392-1395 and 1432-1435 MHz Bands, Market Area
CN PCS Narrowband
Auctions 1, 3
CW PCS Broadband
Auctions 4, 5
CY 1910-1915/1990-1995 MHz Bands, Market Area
WP 700 MHz Upper Band (Block D)
Auction 73
WS Wireless Communications Service
Auction 14
WU 700 MHz Upper Band (Block C)
Auction 73
WX 700 MHz Guard Band
Auctions 33, 38
WY 700 MHz Lower Band (Blocks A, B, E)
Auction 73
WZ 700 MHz Lower Band (Blocks C,D)
Auctions 44, 49
Paging (PG)
CA Commercial Air-Ground Radiotelephone
CD Paging and Radiotelephone
CG General Aviation Air-ground Radiotelephone
CJ Commercial Aviation Air-ground Radiotelephone
CO Offshore Radiotelephone
CP Part 22 VHF/UHF Paging (excluding 931 MHz)
CR Rural Radiotelephone
CZ Paging and Radiotelephone, Auctioned
GC 929-931 MHz Bands, Auctioned
Auction 26
Ship (SH)
SA Ship Recreational or Voluntarily Equipped
SB Ship Compulsory Equipped
SE Ship Exemption
GMRS - General Mobile Radio Services (ZA)
ZA General Mobile Radio Services (GMRS)

Public Safety

Radio Service Code Radio Service Description
Land Mobile Private (LP)
GE Public Safety/Spec Emerg and Public Safety Ntl Plan, 806-817/851-862 MHz, Conventional (Rebanding)
GF Public Safety Ntl Plan, 821-824/866-869 MHz, Conv.
GP Public Safety/Spec Emerg, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conv.
IQ Intelligent Transportation Service (Public Safety)
PA Public Safety 4940-4990 MHz Band
PW Public Safety Pool, Conventional
QM Non-Nationwide Public Safety/Mutual Aid, 220 MHz
SG Conventional Public Safety 700MHz
SL Public Safety 700 MHZ Band - State License
SP 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Nationwide License
SY Trunked Public Safety 700MHz
YE Public Safety/Spec Emerg and Public Safety Ntl Plan, 806-817/851-862 MHz, Trunked (Rebanding)
YF Public Safety Ntl Plan, 821-824/866-869 MHz, Trunked
YP Public Safety/Spec Emerg, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
YW Public Safety Pool, Trunked
Microwave (MW)
MW Microwave Public Safety Pool
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