ULS Electronic Batch Filing (EBF) is a process whereby an organization extracts data out of its database and formats batch applications that can be processed by ULS. This process ensures that the data in ULS and the data in the organization's database match and eliminates needless rekeying of applications.

The organization will use CURL Commands or a GUI to place batch files on an FCC webserver. ULS will pick up the files from that server and process the applications within each file. ULS will, in turn, place a response file out on the same webserver with information about each application that was in the inbound file. In the response file will be one or more data records per application from the inbound file. If an application's data is incomplete or incorrect, one or more error codes will be returned indicating what was wrong. If the application passes all validation checks, it will be entered into ULS, assigned a ULS file number and a fee will be determined, if appropriate. This information will be placed in the response file.

Each organization that files via electronic batch will be assigned its own area on the FCC webserver. Only the assigned organization can access this area and its files. An organization can file as many application files as it wishes per day. The only requirement is that they each be uniquely named so one file does not overlay another. Each response file will have the same name as the inbound file but with a different extension (.rsp). As inbound files are picked up by ULS for processing, they will be removed from the webserver once they have been successfully processed.

Before being allowed to file applications in production, each organization that wishes to file via batch will need to undergo a test phase until the ULS staff is certain that application file formats are correct.

All application purposes can be filed via EBF with the exception of Assignments of Authorization that involve partial assignment of site-based licenses. These partial assignment applications must be filed online. Spectrum Leasing applications also cannot be filed via EBF at this time.


Payment for EBF applications MUST be submitted within 10 days of the date of the response file. Coordinators, third parties, or individual applicants must submit payment online. Please reference the Wireless Fees Guide.



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Wednesday, October 12, 2022