Getting Connected to Broadband

In today’s world, it is critical that families and businesses across the country have access to broadband. As work, education, healthcare, and many other activities have moved online, broadband is no longer nice to have. It’s need to have for everyone.

In order to better determine where high speed internet services are currently unavailable, we need precise, accurate, and up-to-date broadband mapping data.

The FCC’s Broadband Data Task Force is developing the necessary tools to gather this information. This is a complex, data-driven effort that will involve building new systems, process, and supporting materials.

These new tools will enable the FCC to create maps that display fixed broadband availability for individual locations and mobile broadband availability with more accuracy. The program will also provide a way for consumers, as well as Tribal, state, and local governments, to challenge and improve the accuracy of the maps by sharing data with the FCC. More accurate maps will enable broadband funding programs to target support for broadband services to the areas most in need.

Share Your Broadband Experience

The Commission is working hard to develop these new tools as quickly as possible. In the meantime, consumers can share their broadband experiences with the Broadband Data Task Force:

Your experience with the availability and quality of broadband services at your location will help to inform the FCC’s efforts to close the digital divide. We may also send you additional information by email in the future as we develop tools for consumers to share data with the FCC. You can also follow our efforts to improve the accuracy of these maps at

Please note that by sharing your broadband experience you are not filing a consumer complaint. The FCC's Consumer Complaint Center offers a dedicated form that you can use should you wish to submit an informal complaint.

Download the FCC Speed Test App

You can test the performance of your mobile and in-home broadband networks by downloading the FCC’s Speed Test Application on your mobile device(s). In addition to showing your network performance test results, the app also provides the test results to the FCC as part of our Measuring Broadband America Program. The program gathers crowdsourced data on broadband network performance across the United States.

The information collected through the app will help to inform the FCC’s efforts to provide improved coverage information to the public. We expect that some of the information collected through the app will be incorporated into the Commission’s broadband data collection systems, including challenges to provider-submitted maps and our collection of additional crowdsourced data. As these new capabilities become available, app users may be asked to update or reinstall a new version of the app and to provide additional information and consents that will allow us to collect more precise speed test and location data for potential uses in developing our public maps.

The FCC Speed Test App is available in the Google Play Store for Android devices, and in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Search "FCC Speed Test" in either store to find and download the App.

Find out more about the FCC’s mobile speed test app:


Monday, April 5, 2021