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Download the FCC Mobile Speed Test App

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Speed tests run using the FCC Mobile Speed Test app will help to improve the accuracy of the mobile broadband coverage shown on the FCC’s National Broadband Map.

The FCC Mobile Speed Test App is a free mobile application available in the United States, designed to evaluate the performance of mobile broadband service. Tests conducted using the FCC Speed Test application play a crucial role in supporting the FCC's Broadband Data Collection (BDC) program, and will help to identify where broadband is and is not available across the country.

What You Can Do with the New FCC Mobile Speed Test App

You can test the performance of your mobile wireless internet connection by taking speed tests with the FCC Mobile Speed Test App. The App offers two speed test options for testing mobile broadband availability and speeds: Crowdsource Speed Tests and Challenge Speed Tests.

Challenge Speed Tests are submitted to the FCC and may be used to dispute, or “challenge,” coverage data submitted by providers as part of the BDC and shown on the FCC’s National Broadband Map.

Once a Challenge Speed Test has been submitted, it will be checked to ensure that it was taken within the provider’s claimed coverage area and between the hours of 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. These validated speed tests will then be grouped together and analyzed. Once there are enough “failed” tests (those showing speeds below 5/1 Mbps for 4G, or 7/1 or 35/3 Mbps for 5G) within a certain area and at different times of day, a “cognizable” challenge will be created, which will require a response from the provider. Mobile providers must respond to all challenges by either disputing or conceding the challenge. If a provider disputes the challenge, it must do so by submitting on-the-ground speed tests, or in a limited set of circumstances, submitting infrastructure information, either of which must demonstrate that they offer mobile broadband in the challenged area(s). Learn more about what to expect after you submit a Challenge Speed Test.

A Crowdsource Test allows you to test the speed of a mobile connection at a given place and time. Crowdsource Tests help the FCC evaluate mobile coverage across the United States and may help the FCC to verify the accuracy of the National Broadband Map.

Note: Only tests taken outdoors or in automobile or other moving vehicle can be Challenge tests. Tests taken indoors or over a WiFi network will be consider crowdsource tests and will not create challenges. Learn more about challenging home, or fixed, broadband availability.

Each test is assigned a unique test ID and will measure the upload and download speeds of your mobile broadband connection along with latency, packet loss and jitter.

Stakeholders interested in submitting bulk challenges can also use the FCC Mobile Speed Test App to submit Challenge Tests to the FCC. You can learn more about submitting bulk mobile challenges in these help center articles.

Providers responding to BDC challenges, verifications and audits can also use the App to gather responsive speed test data.

New FCC Mobile Speed Test App Features

Starting in 2024, in addition to a new display, the new FCC Mobile Speed Test App allows for repeated testing: you can perform back-to-back Challenge or Crowdsource tests for up to 4 hours without manually initiating a new test each time. When running a Repeated Test, you can choose the number of tests, the time intervals between each test, and the total duration of tests. Repeated tests can be a good way to test mobile coverage along a route that you drive frequently, such as your daily commute.

The App also enables Android users to conduct tests in the background on an automated schedule.

How to Get the FCC Mobile Speed Test App on Your Device

The FCC Mobile Speed Test App is available in the Google Play store for Android devices or in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. You can also search for "FCC Mobile Speed Test" in your respective app store.

Please ensure you download the new FCC Mobile Speed Test App. While you may still run speed tests and submit challenges using the Original FCC Speed Test App, it will no longer be supported beginning in the summer of 2024.

The FCC Mobile Speed Test App is free to download and use. However, the data transmitted by the App will be subject to the data usage limits established by your data service plan. To minimize the impact on your data usage, the App's default setting is limited to using 1 GB of cellular data per month. You can change the data limit settings within the App.

To learn more about the App, please see our other resources: