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The FCC has no rules regarding recording of telephone conversations by individuals, but some state laws prohibit this practice.

Recording Intrastate Wireline Conversations

Recording intrastate (within the same state) wireline telephone conversations may violate state laws. Your state public service commission should be able to answer any questions about relevant state laws and rules. Find contact information at www.naruc.org or in the blue pages or government section of your local telephone directory.

Wiretapping – Wireline Phones

Wiretapping is regulated by both federal and state governments and, when done illegally, is punishable by criminal sanctions. For more information concerning your state's wiretapping laws, contact your state attorney general’s office.

For information concerning federal wiretapping laws, contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) through its website: www.fbi.gov.

For More Information

For information regarding interception or recording of wireless telephone conversations, see the FCC’s consumer guide on interception and divulgence of radio communications.

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