To bring broadband to every unserved part of the United States, we must know where broadband service is available, and where it is not.  The FCC is in the process of creating more granular, precise maps on the availability of fixed and mobile broadband service with the Digital Opportunity Data Collection (DODC).  

Timing for the Collection

  • The collection of broadband availabilty data by the FCC for the Digital Opportunity Data Collection has not yet begun.
  • OEA will issue a Public Notice announcing the initial filing deadline for such data at least 6 months prior to that deadline.
  • Once the collection has begun, the broadband availability data will be collected twice a year with the following schedule:
    • Data as of December 31 will be due by March 1 of the following calendar year.
    • Data as of June 30 will by the following September 1. 
  • Broadband providers should continue to submit fixed and mobile deployment data through FCC Form 477.

History of the Collection


Thursday, January 21, 2021