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What We Do:

  • The Electromagnetic Compatibility Division plans and conducts studies on radiowave propagation and communications systems characteristics, as well as develops analytical techniques and models to improve spectrum utilization.
  • The Division conducts analytical studies for a variety of radio-based services, including developing predictive models for broadcasting services; developing the software for repacking broadcast television stations and analyzing the interference potential between broadcasting and other wireless services in the planned 600 MHz Incentive Auction; and developing regulations and measurements for evaluating human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields.
  • The Division also studies and advises on broadband and Internet technologies and networks, and conducts studies to measure the speeds of broadband services delivered by Internet service providers over a variety of platforms, including wireline, wireless, cable and satellite.
  • The Division is responsible for convening the Technological Advisory Council which provides the Commission with technical experts’ advice on areas of innovation and technology policy related to telecommunications. The Division also manages the Experimental Licensing program which promotes innovation in radio frequency technology and services.
Friday, November 6, 2015