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Bureau/Office - Please consult USAJOBS for any paid internship opportunities, via this link on the FCC's website: https://www.fcc.gov/general/fcc-jobs

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           Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission serves as the chief legal advisor to the Commission and its various bureaus and offices. The Office of the General Counsel represents the Commission in litigation in federal courts, recommends decisions in adjudicatory matters before the Commission, assists the Commission in its decision making capacity and performs a variety of legal functions regarding internal and other administrative matters.

  • Internship Period(s)
    Summer 2024
  • General Duties
    Interns in OGC will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of communications and administrative law issues, to gain valuable insight into the functioning of the FCC, and to benefit from on-the-job mentoring by OGC attorneys.
  • Terms of Service
    We require a minimum of eight weeks consecutive service, on a full-time (40 hours per week) basis. Internships are unpaid positions, but we do accept candidates pursuant to established work-study or similar programs under which they may receive academic credit from their law schools, or receive stipends to cover their expenses. Work schedules, including telework, are at the discretion of agency policy and the supervisor. 
  • Selection Criteria
    Candidates should be current law students with strong academic credentials, good interpersonal skills, excellent research and writing abilities, and an interest in public service and administrative law. We strongly recommend that applicants describe concisely in their applications and during any interviews any specific examples of their successful development and application of these attributes.  Possibilities could include, for instance, writing samples from legal writing coursework, law journal note writing, moot court or similar extra-curricular activity, or prior legal employment or internship experiences (used with permission from the prior employer and/or supervisor); research experience in connection with one of the foregoing writing samples, assistance provided as part of a position working for a law school professor, or honors thesis or similar capstone project experience as part of a graduate or undergraduate program; and/or a successful track record of progressive responsibility as part of post-graduate or other employment experience (preferably relevant to an FCC legal internship). Candidates must have U.S. citizenship.
  • Send Application to
  • Application Information
    Please send your resumé, cover letter, legal writing sample, undergraduate transcript, and most recent transcript for law school. (Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.) These materials will be required prior to an interview.  First-year law students who have not yet received grades for the fall semester are encouraged to submit applications and to supplement with a transcript when grades become available.
  • Additional Information
    OGC expects to have up to three internships for the summer.
  • Application Deadline
    Applications for internships will be accepted, and selections will be made, on a rolling basis.




  • Bureau/Office - Position 2 of 2
    Office of General CounselConnect2HealthFCC Task Force

    The Federal Communications Commission recently formed a new Commission Task Force -- Connect2HealthFCC -- that brings together the expertise of the FCC on the critical intersection of broadband, advanced technology, and health. The Task Force is housed in the FCC's Office of General Counsel.

    Recognizing that technology innovations in clinical practice and care delivery are poised to fundamentally change the face of health care, the Task Force is charged with exploring the intersection of broadband, advanced technology, and health and considering ways to accelerate the adoption of health care technologies by leveraging broadband and other next-generation communications services. The Task Force will identify regulatory barriers as well as incentives in the provision of these essential technologies, and also work to ensure that they are readily accessible to all Americans, especially to those living in rural and underserved areas. The Task Force will work closely with a broad range of stakeholders (e.g., telecom carriers, healthcare providers, federal/state policymakers, innovators, manufacturers, consumer advocacy groups) in the areas of telehealth, telemedicine, and mobile applications to expedite this vital shift.
  • Internship Period(s)
    Continuous. Selections will be made on a rolling basis.
  • General Duties
    Interns will have the opportunity to participate in these significant efforts and work closely with senior staff. More specifically, selected interns will: conduct research and analyze data; assist in the preparation of a variety of Commission documents, including briefing materials, public notices, and legal memoranda for the Chair of the Task Force and other senior FCC officials; participate in meetings with Commission personnel and outside parties (i.e., public and private stakeholders); and assist the Task Force in preparing for and in hosting conferences, workshops, and town hall meetings. There may also be opportunities for interns to attend off site events, conferences, and technology demonstrations.
  • Selection Criteria
    Applicants must possess strong academic credentials; excellent research and writing skills; experience using social media (e.g., Twitter); and an interest in communications law, health care issues, health IT issues, and public service. Further, applicants must be second or third year law students enrolled at least half time in an accredited law school; or enrolled in a masters or doctoral program in public health, health information technology, or other relevant fields.
  • Send Application to
    Ben Bartolome, Special Counsel, Connect2HealthFCC Task Force, at Ben.Bartolome@fcc.gov. Please insert "Internship Application" in the subject line. Please contact Mr. Bartolome for any questions, including instructions for alternative methods of submitting application materials.
  • Application Information
    Resumé, cover letter (including proposed start date and end date), writing sample, and most recent transcript.
  • Additional Information
    Openings are for unpaid internships. Academic credit may be available—please check with your school.
  • Application Deadline
    Applications for internships will be accepted on a rolling basis.





Thursday, April 18, 2024