These reports provide data on the telecommunications industry related to universal service support.  The reports include data on industry revenues and contributions, low income support, high-cost support, schools and libraries support, rural health care support, telephone subscribership and penetration, rates and price indices, network usage and growth, quality of service, infrastructure, expenses, and investment.  

Certain data used to prepare the Monitoring Report can be found in the NECA & USAC Data.

2015 Monitoring Report (released 12/22/2015)
Report (PDF) | Tables (ZIP) | Supplementary Material (ZIP) | Updated 2015 High-Cost Claims (Excel)

2014 Monitoring Report (released 12/4/2014)
Report (PDF) | Tables (ZIP) | Supplementary Material (ZIP) | Updated 2014 High-Cost Claims (Excel)

2013 Monitoring Report (released 12/12/13)
News Release
Report (PDF) | Tables (ZIP) | Supplementary Material (ZIP)

2012 Monitoring Report (released 3/22/13)
Report (PDF) | Tables (ZIP) | Supplementary Material (ZIP)

2011 Monitoring Report (released 12/29/11)
Report (PDF) | Tables (ZIP) | Supplementary Material (ZIP)

Earlier Reports and Data