Notice: As of August 1, 2023, the FCC no longer partners with SamKnows on fixed broadband performance data collection, and SamKnows is no longer authorized to collect MBA data or provide fixed broadband performance analysis on the FCC’s behalf. The FCC will continue its Measuring Broadband America program work internally as it assesses Agency requirements for future potential procurement action related to the measurement of fixed broadband performance.

To stop unauthorized MBA data collection by SamKnows, a user should remove the Whitebox from their network after sending a Termination Notice to stating that they would like to terminate SamKnows’ Measurement Services. If the Termination Notice is emailed before 5:00 pm Eastern Time on a business day, the user should remove the Whitebox from their network on the same day after they email SamKnows the Termination Notice. Otherwise, the user should remove the Whitebox from their network on the next following business day. Questions can be directed to Mr. Rajender Razdan at

The FCC Measuring Broadband America program is based on principles of openness, transparency and partnership with diverse stakeholders.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that commonly accepted principles of scientific research, good engineering practices, and transparency guide the program;
  • Encouraging collaboration of industry, academia and government;
  • Publishing the comprehensive technical methodology used to collect the data and produce the report;
  • Publishing the source code for the tests as open source; and
  • Releasing data used to produce each report coincident with the report’s release, and releasing all data within one year of collection.