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The Commission encourages Native Nations to expand their unique radio programming, a service that focuses on the promotion of tribal culture, language, and historic preservation. 

In 2010, the FCC adopted rules that help Native Nations establish new service specifically designed to offer programming that meets the needs of tribal citizens.  On March 3, 2011 the Commission adopted further rules that modified certain procedures for allotting broadcast radio channels to ensure a fair distribution of radio licenses to rural areas and smaller communities as well as urban areas, among other things.  The Commission concurrently adopted a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking asking for comments on whether the FCC should require, as a threshold qualification to apply for a commercial FM channel allotted pursuant to the Tribal Priority, that an applicant qualify for the Tribal Priority for that channel, as well as asked for further comment on the Tribal Bidding Credit.

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FCC Takes Action to Help Strengthen and Expand Broadband and Other Communications Services in Native Nations.
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R&O/NPRM: Word | Acrobat
Genachowski Statement: Word | Acrobat
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Media Bureau Announces Comment Dates for Policies to Promote Rural Radio Service Proceeding. Comments Due May 3, 2010, Reply Comments Due June 2, 2010.
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FCC Adopts Order to Promote Native American Radio and Streamline Broadcast Radio Assignment and Allotment Procedures.
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Commission Seeks Comment on Procedures to Encourage Radio Service to Rural and Tribal Communities.
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Adelstein Statement: Word|Acrobat
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