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5G, Wi-Fi-6, what’s next? Start your career by joining our team of talented engineers and be a part of shaping the next generation of wireless telecommunications.

The FCC is seeking new engineers for our one-year Honors Engineer career-development program that has been the launching pad for successful careers at the FCC and beyond.

As part of our team, you will gain radio frequency (RF) and network engineering experience while working to foster deployment of new, novel, and cutting-edge technologies. Your efforts to develop and shape U.S. communications policies will have far-reaching effects in ensuring the American public benefits from the latest state-of-the-art technologies – connecting people, businesses, schools, doctors; fostering economic growth; and keeping the U.S. positioned as a world technology leader.

As an Honors Engineer you will receive on-the-job technical training while engaging with staff throughout the Commission in developing and shaping telecommunications policy. You will receive technical training covering a wide variety of telecommunications services and technologies, as well as training on engineering and policy principles relevant to the fast-paced telecommunications industry. Honors Engineers also have the opportunity to:

  • Conduct and analyze engineering studies, telecommunications systems and/or technology proposals;
  • Work alongside senior staff analyzing new proposals to determine whether and how new technologies can be introduced to the American marketplace;
  • Participate with industry stakeholders, government officials, and senior Commission staff to understand the technical aspects of new technology and its potential effects on existing technology; and
  • Contribute in preparing important written materials throughout the rulemaking process for consideration by the Chairwoman and Commissioners.

Selection for the Honors Engineer Program is highly competitive, and we consider many facets of a candidate’s background, including academic achievement, technical skills, engineering and extracurricular activities, and demonstrated interest in government service and/or the communications sector. Our one-year Honors Engineer career-development program will set you up for success and will position you for continued employment at the FCC.

What is the Honors Engineer Program and How Do I Apply?

The Honors Engineer Program offers federal career opportunities to recent college graduates who have attended an accredited college or university. Honors Engineer opportunities are advertised on www.usajobs.gov as part of the Pathways Recent Graduate Program. To qualify as a “Recent Graduate” you must have obtained a qualifying associate, bachelors, master’s, professional, doctorate, vocational or technical degree or certificate from a qualifying educational institution, within the previous two years from the date that the Honors Engineer vacancy announcement is posted/advertised on www.usajobs.gov. Vacancy announcements will also specify if applications will be accepted for future graduates, and the applicable timeframe for completion of academic requirements, which cannot exceed nine months from the date of the vacancy announcement. In support of Veterans recruitment efforts, preference eligible veterans unable to apply within two years of receiving their degree due to military service obligation may apply up to six years after degree or certification.

Where Do I Find the Qualification Requirements for Honors Engineer Positions?

Please refer to the “Qualifications” section of the vacancy announcement posted on www.usajobs.gov, which contains critical information, including the required qualifications criteria. Should you have any questions regarding qualification requirements, you may contact the HR Specialist listed on the vacancy announcement.

Join the FCC as an Honors Engineer and help us to create and reimagine the future of telecommunications!


Wednesday, October 12, 2022