Circle Plot generates a customized KML file which then can be saved and opened in Google Earth and other KML-capable browsers. The browser must be downloaded and installed separately from this program. The user may specify up to four concentric radii and set labels for the center point marker.
Use NAD83 or WGS84 coordinates for best accuracy. Enter longitude degrees as negative for West Longitude, and latitude degrees as negative for South Latitude. This is the common usage for most GIS programs.

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The steps to use this KML generator are simple enough:
  1. Use the form above to generate the KML file.
  2. Save the KML file from your browser to your computer. Save it either as a TEXT file or an XML file but with a ".kml" extension, e.g. "circleplot.kml".
  3. Open the file using your Earth browser's "File | Open" command.

The circles are not true circles, but are drawn as lines connecting 360 points on the circumference at 1° azimuths from the center point.

The FCC does not place any restriction on the use of these KML files, however, it remains your responsibility to check the policies and documentation for your mapping browser regarding any restrictions on the use and sharing of maps generated through the use of that software.

Comments and suggestions regarding Circle Plot may be directed to Dale Bickel,


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