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October 17, 2023: Media Bureau Announces Revised Dates for LPFM New Station Application Filing Window; Window Open from December 6, 2023 to December 13, 2023; Existing LPFM and FM Translator Minor Modification Filing Freeze Extended to December 13, 2023.  See the October 17, 2023 Public Notice

July 31, 2023: Media Bureau Announces Filing Procedure and Requirements for November 1 – November 8, 2023, Low Power FM Filing Window; Limited Application Filing Freeze to Commence on September 1, 2023.   See the July 31, 2023 Public Notice.  The limited filing freeze affects LPFM and FM translator minor change applications effective September 1. [But see the October 17, 2023 Public Nitice for revised window dates.]

July 12, 2023: Media Bureau Announces Transition of Additional Filings to Licensing and Management [LMS] System.   See the July 12, 2023 Public Notice.  New filing procedures are effective July 26, 2023.

June 22, 2023: Media Bureau Announces LPFM New Station Application Filing Window; Window Open from November 1, 2023 to November 8, 2023.   See the June 22, 2023 Public Notice.  Additional information on filing procedures and requirements will be forthcoming.

June 22, 2022: Call Sign Requests Are Added to LMS for Broadcast Radio and Television.   See the June 8, 2022 Public Notice.  These new procedures replace filings through the Call Sign Reservation System.  See the LMS Help Center for additional information. 



















Information about AM and FM broadcast radio stations is available at the Audio Division on the FCC's website.  Information about TV stations is available at the Video Division.

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