Radio History Cards were used by the FCC (and before that, the Federal Radio Commission, 1927-1934) to keep track of broadcast radio station application transactions and changes.  Use of these cards was gradually discontinued around 1980 when the Commission moved to its first computerized broadcast database, the Broadcast Application Processing System (BAPS).  Over the next several years, the History Cards -- well over 100,000 of them -- were converted to microfiche, and the original cards were disposed of.

Today, the History Cards images have been extracted from the microfiche, and most can be found under station records in the LMS electronic filing system and through the AM Query, FM Query, or TV Query.  (The call sign today may differ from call signs used in earlier years.)  Not all stations will have History Cards, and no station authorized after 1981 will have them. 

On this page, we provide links to several now-deleted stations with History Cards that do not have a corresponding station Facility ID number.  The usual practice was to remove the cards when a station license was permanently deleted (cancelled), but in some instances deleted stations were missed (the cards may have been misfiled).   In some cases, the station licenses were cancelled during the 1979-1980 license renewal cycle, possibly after the microfiche images had been made.   The links below provide easy access path to these additional records.

   KLYD-FM, Bakersfield, CA -- Deleted 1961

   KCHC-FM, Central Point, OR - Deleted about 1980

   KDHS, Modesto, CA - Deleted around 1980

   KEPH, Ephraim, UT - Deleted around 1980

   KGVH, Gunnison, UT - Deleted around 1980

   KLME, Battle Mountain, NV - Deleted 1980

   KLX-FM, Oakland, CA - Deleted October 10, 1955

   KLZ-FM, Denver, CO - Deleted September 7, 1955

   KMTP, Mt. Pleasant, UT - Deleted 1980

   KOMR, St. Louis, MO - Deleted around 1980

   KSME, Manti, UT - Deleted around 1980

  WRSB, Weston, MA - Deleted around 1981

  WSZE-TV, Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands - Final status uncertain

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