Refer to the FCC Y2K Operations Center Home Page for information and links related to communications during the Year 2000 date conversion. 12/31/99

AT&T's Motion to Stay Bell Atlantic's New York 271 Authorization Denied. [ Text | Word 97 ] 12/27/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on Second Circuit Decision in FCC v. NextWave. 12/23/99

FCC Authorizes Bell Atlantic to Provide Long Distance Service in New York. [ Order, News Release, Attachments & Statements ] 12/22/99

Chairman Kennard Holds Press Briefing on FCC Decision on Bell Atlantic 271 Application for New York. [ Audio ] 12/22/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks, "Broadband Cable: Next Steps" before the WESTERN SHOW, California Cable Television Association. 12/16/99

Commissioner Ness' Remarks, "American Family Goes Digital" before the California Cable Television Association in Los Angeles. 12/16/99

FCC Begins Proceeding to Seek Comment on Public Interest Obligations of Television Broadcasters as They Transition to Digital Transmission Technology. 12/15/99

FCC proposes $85,500 forfeiture against Get-Aways, Inc., for apparent violation of Telephone Consumer Protection Act by faxing unsolicited advertisements. 12/15/99

The FCC Presents The 12 Days of Broadband - a 12-day Series on How Broadband is Changing Our Lives. (See Main Home Page) 12/14/99

Bell Atlantic Files ExParte Letter in Section 271 Proceeding for New York: Comments Due Friday December 17.12/10/99
[ Public Notice: Word 97 | Text | Letter | Attachment]

"Fostering Competition in a Converging World" Chairman Kennard's Remarks Before the Practicing Law Institute/Federal Communications Bar Association Policy and Regulations Conference. 12/9/99

Deployment of Wireline Services Offering Advanced Telecommunications Capability. [ Text | Word 97 ] 12/9/99

Statement of FCC Chairman William E. Kennard on AT&T-MindSpring Agreement. 12/7/99

FCC Chairman Receives "Outstanding Leadership Award" United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons. 12/7/99

Roxanne McElvane Selected to Coordinate Chairman Kennard's Development Initiative. 12/3/99

"Building a Second Curb Cut" Chairman Kennard's Remarks for United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons. 12/1/99

Technological Advisory Council to Hold Third Meeting on December 13. 12/1/99

Statement of FCC Chairman William E. Kennard Regarding the NAACP Public Hearing on Diversity in Network Television 11/30/99

Statement of FCC Chairman William E. Kennard On New Satellite Home Viewer Act (SHVA) Passed by Congress and Signed by the President. 11/29/99

Chairman Kennard's Opening Remarks at the Bismarck Field Hearing. 11/23/99

Commissioner Ness Names Jordan Goldstein as Legal Advisor for Common Carrier Issues.11/23/99

Linda Kinney Named Assistant Bureau Chief/Special Advisor for Advanced Services, FCC Common Carrier Bureau. 11/23/99

Office of Engineering and Technology to Sponsor a Tutorial on Wireless Access to the Internet on November 30 in the Commission Meeting Room. 11/23/99

FCC Proposes Major Market TV Broadcasters and Program Distributors Introduce Video Description for Persons with Visual Disabilities. Click Here for Example of Video Description.11/22/99

FCC Issues Guiding Principles for Spectrum Management. 11/22/99

"Line Sharing" to Lower Cost and Increase Availability of Broadband Services Used for High Speed Access to the Internet. 11/19/99

FCC Acts to Remove Barriers Impeding Enhanced Wireless 911 Service. 11/18/99

FCC Chairman Kennard Celebrates the Success of the E-Rate in Connecting Over 1 Million Classrooms to the Internet. 11/17/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. 11/10/99

Commissioner Tristani's Remarks at the New Mexico Communications Network Symposium: "Deploying Broadband More Broadly: Working Together to Roll-out Access in America's Small Cities and Rural Areas". 11/10/99

NRIC's Report to FCC Says U.S. Telecommunications Industry Year 2000 Readiness is Virtually Complete. [ News Release ] 11/9/99

FCC Cable Chief Says "Open" Internet is Primary Goal - Cites Agreement of Consumers and Industry. [ News Release | Remarks ] 11/9/99

FCC Licensing of Localized Television Broadcasting of Automobile Drag Races From a Race Track in Ennis, Texas to its Parking Lot. [ Kennard's Statement | News Release ] 11/8/99

Order Granting Extension of Time in Filing Comments In WT Docket No. 96-198, Implementation of Sections 255 and 251(a)(2) of the Communications Act of 1934. [Word Version |Text Version ] 11/8/99

Implementation of the CC Docket No. 96-98 Local Competition Provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 Third Report and Order and Fourth Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking [ Acrobat ] 11/8/99

FCC Launches New Freedom of Information Act Home Page. 11/5/99

FCC-FTC Truth-in-Advertising Public Forum. [ Chairman's Remarks | Forum Page | Market¢Sense Page ] 11/4/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on Broadcasters' Leadership in Creating Major Investment Fund to Boost Women & Minority Ownership. 11/3/99

FCC Adopts NPRM Commencing Proceeding on Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting. [ Text | Word97 | Acrobat ] 11/3/99

FCC Reshapes for the Future - Establishes New Enforcement and Consumer Information Bureaus to be Effective November 8, 1999. 10/26/99

FCC Releases NPRM on Local Competition and Broadband Reporting. [ Text | WordPerfect | Attachment A ] 10/25/99

"Trust in Cyberspace" Authors to Present & Discuss Study's Findings, Wednesday, October 27, 1999, 2:00 - 5:00 pm. [ Public Notice | Audio ] 10/25/99

Commission Approves AT & T/BT Request to Obtain or Transfer Licenses to Joint Venture to Provide International Services.
Text | WordPerfect ] 10/22/99

FCC Allocates Spectrum 5.9 GHz Range for Intelligent Transportation Systems Uses. 10/21/99

"Competition and Deregulation: Striking the Right Balance" Chairman Kennard's October 18th Remarks at the USTA Annual Convention. 10/19/99

"Turning the Clock Ahead ": Chairman Kennard's White House Media Briefing on Disability Employment Awareness Month. 10/15/99

Chairman Kennard Releases Cable Staff Report on the State of the Broadband Industry. 10/13/99

Federal-State Joint Conference to Promote Advanced Broadband Services. 10/8/99

FCC Revises Cable Horizontal Ownership and Attribution Rules. 10/8/99

FCC Approves SBC-Ameritech Merger Subject to Competition-Enhancing Conditions. (FCC 99-279) [ Order, Conditions, Statements, News Release ] 10/6/99, 10/8/99

FCC Releases Y2K Communications Sector Report Supplement for Small and Mid-Size Telephone Companies. 10/8/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on Proposed Merger of MCI WorldCom, Inc. and Sprint Corp. 10/5/99

FCC Adopts Year 2000 Network Stabilization Policy Statement to Facilitate Y2K Compliance. [ Commissioner Powell's Statement ] 10/5/99

September 30th DTV Report on COFDM and 8-VSB Performance. [ Text | Word97 ] 10/4/99

FCC Office of Engineering and Technology Issues Report on Transmission Standards for Digital Television. 10/1/99

Participants Announced for September 30th Follow-up Public Forum on A New FCC for the 21st Century. [ Audio & Captioning ] 9/30/99

Commission Issues Notice of Proposed Rule Making to Consider Proposals to Give Certain Low Power TV Stations Class A "Primary" Status. [ Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat ] 9/30/99

FCC Releases Rules that Will Give People with Disabilities More Access to Telecommunications. 9/29/99

"Vision to Mission: A Blueprint for Architects of the Global Information Infrastructure" September 23rd Remarks of Chairman Kennard Before the World Economic Development Congress. 9/24/99

Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission to Hold Joint Public Forum on Advertising of Long Distance Services: Joint Forum Underscores Intergovernmental Agency Cooperation to Protect Consumer Interests [ FCC Public Notice | FTC Federal Register Notice ] 9/23/99

SBC and Ameritech Sept. 17, 1999 Ex Parte Revising August 27 Proposed Merger Conditions, and Redline Highlighting Changes Since SBC and Ameritech August 27 Ex Parte. 9/21/99

"Consumer Choice Through Competition" Chairman Kennard's Speech at the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors 19th Annual Conference. 9/17/99

In response to Inquiry from Rep. George W. Gekas, Chairman, House Judiciary Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law, Commissioner Furchtgott-Roth Concludes that Schools and Libraries Program Likely Violates Recent D.C. Circuit Non-delegation Doctrine Decision, American Trucking v. EPA. 9/17/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks before the National Association of Minorities in Cable, in New York. 9/16/99

FCC Promotes Local Telecommunications Competition: Adopts Rules on Unbundling of Network Elements. 9/15/99

Commission Increases Competition for Overseas Long-Distance Service: Allows Direct Access to Users of INTELSAT Satellite Services From the United States. 9/15/99

FCC Authorizes Lockheed Martin to Purchase Up to 49 Percent of COMSAT. 9/15/99

FCC Largely Retains Spectrum Cap, Ensuring That Consumers Continue to See Benefits of Competition; Relaxes Spectrum Cap in Rural Areas. 9/15/99

FCC Acts to Promote Competition and Public Safety in Enhanced Wireless 911 Services. 9/15/99

Carriers are Reminded of Their Obligation to Provide Access to Their Telecommunications Services via Telecommunications Relay Service. 9/15/99

Commission Releases NPRM that Seeks to Promote Universal Service in Tribal Lands and Other Insular Areas. 8/5/99, 9/14/99

Comments Requested in Connection with Court Remand of August 1998 Advanced Services Order. 9/10/99

Statements from Chairman Kennard and Commissioner Tristani on the New Kermit The Frog V-Chip Public Service Announcement. 9/10/99

Ameritech and SBC Ex Parte Presentation Concerning their Proposed Merger Conditions. [ Text | Word97 ], Attachment 1 [ Text | Word97 ], Attachment 2 [ Text | Word97 ] 9/9/99

Chairman Kennard and Commissioners Ness and Tristani to Participate in CEO Summit on Rural Telecommunications, Hosted by Senator Tom Daschle and Moderated by Chairman Kennard. The event is Thursday, September 9, from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m, in room SC-5 of the United States Capitol. 9/8/99

FCC Acts on Petition from Two Consumer Groups: Grants Federal Political Candidates Greater Flexibility in Purchasing Broadcast Advertising Time. 9/8/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on Proposed VIACOM-CBS Merger. 9/8/99

FCC Convenes a Public Forum on 711 Access to Telecommunications Relay Services. 9/8/99

"A New Tomorrowland" Chairman Kennard's Speech before the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Show. 9/2/99

John R. Hoffman to Head North American Numbering Council. 9/1/99

August 27 SBC/Ameritech Ex Parte. [ Text | Word97 ] 9/1/99

FCC Releases Report on Local Competition. 8/31/99

FCC Releases Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Pricing Flexibility and Other Access Charge Reforms. [ Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat ] 8/27/99

FCC Actions Regarding Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). [ Wireless Bureau | Engineering & Technology | Chairman Kennard's Statement ] 8/27/99

Florida Criminal Conviction in Unlicensed Radio Case Upheld by U.S. Court of Appeals. 8/24/99

Information on Y2K Readiness of Telecommunications Industries Available on White House Y2K Telephone Hotline. 8/20/99

FCC Proposes $1.12 Million Forfeiture Against Coleman Enterprises d/b/a Local Long Distance, Inc. and $1 Million Forfeiture Against Vista Group International, Inc., for Apparently Slamming Consumers. 8/19/99

FCC Releases NPRM on Ways to Extend Terrestrial and Satellite Wireless Services to Individuals Living on Tribal Lands. 8/19/99

Automated Submission of Fiscal Year 1999 Regulatory Fee Payment Data Using FCC Software. 8/17/99

FCC Court Brief Underscores Consumer Benefits from National Internet Policy of Unregulation; Urges Narrow Judicial Resolution. 8/17/99

"Chairman Kennard Delivers to Congress Draft Strategic Plan for 21st Century. 8/12/99

"Unleashing the Potential: Telecommunications Development in Southern Africa" Chairman Kennard's Keynote Speech before the Telecommunications Regulators Association of Southern Africa, Gaborone, Botswana. 8/12/99

Chairman Kennard Shares Goal of Local Governments to Achieve Open Broadband Access: Continues to Believe that Vigilant Restraint is the Right Way to Get There. 8/12/99

Commission Amends Broadcast and Cable/MDS Ownership Attribution Rules. 8/5/99

Commission Adopts Pricing Flexibility and Other Access Charge Reforms. 8/5/99

Commission Seeks to Promote Universal Service in Tribal Lands and Other Insular Areas. 8/5/99

FCC Revises Local Television Ownership Rules. 8/5/99

FCC Revises Rules for Calculating Audience Under National Television Ownership Rule. 8/5/99

FCC to Explore Ways to Extend Terrestrial and Satellite Wireless Services to Individuals Living on Tribal Lands. 8/5/99

"A Rising Tide: La Raza in the New Millennium" Chairman Kennard's Remarks to the National Council of La Raza, Houston, TX. 7/30/99

Commission Seeks Comment on Petition Regarding Preemption of State Courts from Awarding Monetary Damages Against Commercial Mobile Radio Service Providers. 7/30/99

Chairman Kennard's 7/19/99 Remarks before the NARUC. 7/27/99

At White House Forum Chairman Kennard Reaffirms Commitment to ADA for the Information Age. 7/26/99

NRIC's Report to FCC says U.S. Telecommunications Industry Nears Year 2000 Readiness. 7/23/99

"The Emergence of Convergence", Deborah A. Lathen, Chief, Cable Services Bureau, Strategic Research Institute. 7/22/99


The Unregulation of the Internet: Laying a Competitive Course for the Future, Chairman Kennard's Remarks before the Federal Communications Bar, Northern California Chapter, San Francisco, CA 7/21/99

"The Geology of Telecommunications", Commissioner Susan Ness before the Communications Committee National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, San Francisco, CA. 7/21/99

FCC Releases Item Inquiring into Flat-Rated Long-Distance Fees. Find Out How to File Your Comments. 7/20/99

Internet Prospers With "Hands-Off Unregulation;" FCC Paper Rejects Need for Precipitous Action. 7/19/99

FCC Issues Citations to Several Alleged Violators of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 7/16/99

"Defining Vision", Chairman Kennard's Remarks before the Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. Convention in Seattle, WA. 7/16/99

SBC and Ameritech July 13, 1999 Exparte Presentation on Proposed Merger Conditions Containing Business Rules for Four Performance Measurements in California/Nevada that Will Vary From Applicants' Proposed Federal Performance Parity Plan. 7/14/99

FCC Revisits Licensing & Service Rules for 39 GHz Band. 7/14/99

FCC Proposes to Adopt Technical Standards to Facilitate the Display of Closed Captioning on Digital Television Receivers. 7/14/99

FCC Proposes to Establish Wireless Medical Telemetry Service that would Operate on Primary Basis, Without Interference. 7/14/99

FCC Section 255 Ruling is "Most Significant Action Since ADA." 7/14/99

FCC Open Meeting to Highlight Disabilities Issues, Live Text Captioning and Audio Streaming is provided. 7/14/99

FCC to Ensure that All Consumers Benefit from Long Distance Competition 7/9/99

FCC Investigation Produces Lower Number Portability Charges for Customers of U S West Communications, Inc. 7/9/99

SBC and Ameritech July 8, 1999 Ex Parte Presentation Containing a Summary of Performance Parity Plan and OSS Requirements and Implementation Timeline plus errata to Proposed Conditions in SBC and Ameritech July 1, 1999 Ex Parte Presentation. 7/9/99

Promotion of Competitive Networks in Local Telecommunications Markets

Calling Party Pays Declaratory Ruling and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Released on July 7th 7/7/99

Entertainment, Technology Industries Reply to Chairman Kennard's Request to Report by July 1 on DTV Receiver Compatibility Timetables 7/2/99

Commissioner Tristani Demonstrates Easy-to-Use V-Chip on July 1st Deadline for TV Manufacturers; Urges Parents to Ask Newspapers to Publish TV Ratings. 7/2/99

Pleading Cycle Established for Comments on Conditions Proposed by SBC and Ameritech for their Pending Application to Transfer Control. Public Notice & Full-length Filing of Conditions. 7/2/99

Press Statement of Commisioner Powell Regarding Proposed SBC-Ameritech Merger. 7/1/99

Technological Advisory Council Requests White Papers. 7/1/99

FCC Approves Merger of ALLTEL Corporation and Aliant Communications, Inc. 7/1/99

FCC Releases Consent Decree on SBC and SNET. 7/1/99

"Telecommunications Access: A Challenge to Succeed", Remarks by Dale N. Hatfield, Chief, FCC Office of Engineering and Technology. 6/30/99

Press Statement of Commissioners Gloria Tristani and Harold Furchtgott-Roth Regarding the Proposed SBC-Ameritech Conditions. 6/30/99

222 Licenses Sold At FCC 220 MHz Service Auction. 6/30/99

Commissioner Furchtgott-Roth's Statement on Reduction in Access Charges. 6/30/99

Commissioner Furchtgott-Roth's Statement on Proposed SBC/Ameritech Conditions. 6/30/99

Access Charges Cut: Lower Long-Distance Rates Should Follow. 6/29/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement and Press Conference Regarding Summary of SBC/Ameritech Proposed Conditions to Address April 1st Letter on Merger. 6/29/99

FCC Launches New Internet Home Page. 6/28/99

Chairman Kennard Commends Newspapers that Are Publishing TV Program Ratings; Urges All Papers to Get on Board. 6/25/99

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Approves Airtouch/Vodafone Merger. 6/22/99

Comissioner Powell's Remarks Before the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Communications Bar Association. 6/22/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on Telmex-AT&T Settlement Rate Agreement. 6/22/99

Chairman Kennard Details New Tax Certificate for the Age of Convergence; Urges Congress, Industry and Concerned Citizens to Support Program. 6/21/99

Chairman Kennard Calls on Cable Franchising Authorities to Promote National Broadband Policy; Vows Continued Consumer Protection. 6/15/99

FCC Initiates Public Access via the Internet; Acts on Petitions for Reconsideration of its ULS Order Commission: Also Receives Vice President's Hammer Award for Reinventing Government. 6/11/99

FCC Adopts Fourth Annual Report on State of Wireless Competition. 6/11/99

FCC Initiates Proceeding to Promote Development of Competitive Networks. 6/11/99

FCC Adopts Rules Promoting Greater Spectrum Efficiency in Private Wireless Radio Services. 6/11/99

FCC Adopts Calling Party Pays Declaratory Ruling & Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. 6/11/99

Revised The Public and Broadcasting Manual Released. 6/9/99

FCC Launches New Initiative to Promote Pro-Competitive Regulatory Policies in Developing Countries. 6/2/99

Consumer, State and Local Government Participants Announced for Public Forum on a New FCC for the 21st Century. 6/1/99

Deadline Extended for Comments on Overcoming Obstacles to Telephone Service for Indians on Reservations. 5/28/99

Chairman Kennard Sees 1996 Telecom Act Working; Notes FCC Contributions to its Success. 5/28/99

Commission Establishes Year 2 Funding Levels for the Schools, Libraries, and Rural Health Care Federal Universal Service Support Mechanism (CC Dkt 96-45, FCC 99-121). 5/27/99

FCC Considers Strategies to Address United States Telephone Numbering Exhaust (CC Dkt. 99-200, FCC 99-122). 5/27/99

Commission Takes Action to Reform Universal Service Support for Non-Rural Carriers Providing Service in High-Cost Areas and Commission Adopts Framework for Federal Universal Service High-Cost Support Mechanism (FCC 99-119, FCC 99-120). 5/27/99

FCC Releases Truth-in-Billing Principles & Guidelines to Help Consumers Understand Their Phone Bills and to Deter Slamming and Cramming (CC Dkt 98-170, FCC 99-72). 5/27/99

Commissioner Furchtgott-Roth Believes Standardized Labeling Regulations in Truth-In-Billing Order May Violate First Amendment. 5/25/99

Full Funding of E-Rate Supported by 33 Senators, 14 Corporate Executives, Including 8 CEO's, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. 5/25/99

Commission Acts to Increase Competition to Cable TV by Approving Additional DBS Capacity for EchoStar. 5/21/99

Press Statement of Chairman Kennard and Commissioner Ness on ITTA Petition for Forbearance. 5/21/99

Commission Grants 60 Day Extension of Time to File Comments on Low Power FM Proposal. Comments Due August 2, 1999.  Reply Comments Due September 1, 1999. [ Text | Word Perfect ] 5/21/99

Consumer, State and Local Government Participants Announced for Public Forum on a New FCC for the 21st Century. Public Notice | Audio | FCC 21st Century HomePage ] 6/1/99

FCC Internet Web Site to be Unavailable Intermittently this Weekend May 22 and 23. 5/20/99

Chairman Kennard to Convene a Public Forum on Thursday, May 20 to Discuss A New FCC for the 21st Century. [ Public Notice | Audio | FCC 21st Century HomePage ] 5/19/99

Office of Engineering and Technology to Host a Roundtable on Thursday, May 20 on DTV Receiver Compatibility With Cable Television Service. [ Panelists & Topics | Meeting Announcement | Audio ] 5/19/99

Chairman Kennard Says There's Enough Money, Lower Phone Bills and Increase Internet Access [ News Release | Chairman Kennard's Remarks ] 5/17/99

Commissioner Powell Announces Personnel Changes. 5/17/99

Rountable Discussion of Low Power FM. [ News Release | Chairman Kennard's Statement ] 5/13/99

Commission Advances "Navigation Devices" Rules Creating Consumer Market for Set Top Boxes: Allows Analog Deferral. [ News Release & Statements ] 5/13/99

FCC Initiates Proceeding to Adopt Rules for New Commercial Services - Services to be Auctioned in the 746-764 and 776-794 Mhz Bands [ News Release ] 5/13/99

FCC Adopts Wireless 911 Rules - Rules Will Improve Accessibility of 911 Service for Wireless Users. [ News Release & Statements ] 5/13/99

Electronic Comment Filing System Move Postponed to Friday, May 14. 5/13/99

Auction of Wireless Communications Licenses Raises $ 45,064,450. 5/12/99

Electronic Comment Filing System Unavailable on Thursday May 13 and Friday May 14 While System Servers Are Moved to Portals. 5/12/99

Commissioner Ness' Award Acceptance Remarks at the International Radio and Television Society Foundation in New York City. 5/12/99

Chairman Kennard Establishes Task Force to Monitor and Assist in the Roll-Out of the V-Chip to be Chaired by Commissioner Gloria Tristani. News Release & Fact Sheet | Chairman Kennard's Statement ]5/11/99

Chairman Kennard's Speech "Giving Voice to the Voiceless" at the Five Points Media Center Tribute Dinner in Denver. 5/11/99

FCC Lifts Regulations on Inter-Carrier Agreements in Broad Reform of International Settlements Policy (IB Docket 98-148, FCC 99-73). [ Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat | News Release | Public Notice ] 4/19/99, 5/7/99

Chairmman Kennard to Convene Three Public Forums on "A New FCC for the 21st Century". Public Notice | A New 21st Century Webpage ]5/6/99

Chairman Kennard's Announcement on E-Rate Funding. 5/6/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks at the EdLiNC Press Conference in Washington, DC. 5/6/99

Chairman Kennard Announces Launch of "Parents, Kids, and Communications Page" on FCC Website in Remarks at the Annenberg Public Policy Center Conference on Internet and the Family in Washington, DC. Speech | News Release | Parents Information Page ]5/4/99

Chairman Kennard's Speech "A Competitive Call to Arms" at the Association of Local Telecommunications Services Convention in Nashville. 5/4/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on DTV Implementation Rules Effective May 1st. 5//3/99

Commissioner Gloria Tristani's Speech before the New Mexico Broadcasters Association. 5/3/99

FCC Chairman William Kennard Named to Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities. 4/28/99

Chairman Kennard Honored by Congressional Black Caucus for his Opportunities Agenda. 4/28/99

Statement of FCC Chairman Kennard at the American Advertising Federation News Conference in Washington, D.C. on April 21, 1999. 4/22/99

"From the Vast Wasteland to the Vast Broadband", Chairman Kennard's April 20th Speech at the Spring Convention of the National Association of Broadcasters. 4/20/99

Chairman Kennard's Review of what the FCC has Done with its Broadcast Rules and with the Rules Governing Other Competing Media During his Term in Office. Hear his Perspective -- and Agenda -- Webcast from the NAB Spring Convention. 4/20/99

First Meeting of the Public Safety National Coordination Committee (NCC) on Thursday, April 29. Public Notice | NCC Home Page ]4/20/99

Commissioner Ness' Speech "The Digital Mosaic" before the NAB Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. 4/20/99

In Response to the Supreme Court's 1999 Decision, the Commission Seeks Public Comment on How to Identify the Network Elements Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers Must Make Available to Requesting Carriers. (CC Docket No. 96-98 and 95-185, FCC 99-70) [ Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat ] 4/19/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State, and the Judiciary on the Federal Communications Commission's Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Estimates. 4/19/99

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions' Testing of Interconnected Telecommunications Network Indicates No Anomalies. [ News Release ] 4/19/99

Chairman Kennard Reviews what the FCC has Done with its Broadcast Rules and with the Rules Governing Other Competing Media During his Term in Office. Hear his Perspective -- and Agenda -- Live webcast from the NAB Spring Convention. 4/19/99

FCC Adopts Truth-in-Billing Principles and Guidelines To Help Consumers Understand Their Phone Bills and to Deter Slamming and Cramming. 4/19/99

FCC Lifts Regulations on Inter-Carrier Agreements in Broad Reform of International Settlements Policy (IB Docket 98-148, FCC 99-73). [ Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat | News Release | Public Notice ] 4/19/99, 5/7/99

FCC Chairman Kennard Reminds Consumers to Shop Around. 4/6/99

Letter Regarding SBC Ameritech Merger Sent Today and Proposed Schedule for Discussions to Explore Conditions Needed to Ameliorate Public Interest Concerns Released. 4/2/99

FCC Announces Formation of the Technological Advisory Council. 4/2/99

International Bureau Grants Application Approving Transfer of Control of USSB's DBS Authorizations to DIRECTV. [ Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat | News Release & Chairman Kennard's Statement ] 4/2/99

FCC Announces Panelists For the April 6 Spectrum Management En Banc Hearing. 4/1/99

FCC Releases Order on Deployment of Wireline Services Offering Advanced Telecommunications Capability (CC Docket No. 98-147, FCC 99-48). [ Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat ] 4/1/99

Commission Implements Cable Reform Rule Modifications: Provides Information on Sunset of Cable Rate Regulation (CS Docket No. 96-85, FCC 99-57). [ Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat | News Release & Statements ] 4/1/99

FCC Consumer Alert: FCC Role in Cable Rate Regulation Ends. 3/31/99

FCC Chairman Kennard Launches Cable Consumer Bill of Rights Campaign. 3/31/99

FCC Releases Y2K Communications Sector Report. [ Report | News Release | Executive Summary | Audio | Commissioner Powell's Statement ] 3/30/99

FCC Commissioner Powell to Release Readiness Report on Y2K in Telecommunications Industry. Media Advisory | Audio ]3/26/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement before the United States Senate Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State, and the Judiciary, Committee on Appropriations, on the Federal Communications Commission's Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Estimates. 3/26/99

Commissioner Ness' Remarks "Speaking Clearly and Succinctly..." before the American Advertising Federation National Governmental Affairs Conference. 3/26/99

FCC Adopts Notice Proposing Policies and Service Rules for the 2GHz Mobile Satellite Service (FCC 99-50, IB Dkt. 99-81). [ Text | WordPerfect | News Release ] 3/18/99, 3/26/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks "Television in the Digital Age" before the Variety/Schroders Media Conference in New York, NY. 3/25/99

FCC Handled Over 1200 Interference Complaints from Federal, State, and Local Public Safety and Emergency Officials. 3/22/99

U.S. District Court Issues Injunction Against Unlicensed New York City Radio Station. 3/22/99

Commission Extends Comment Deadline on Proposal to Establish Rules Authorizing the Operation of New, Low Power FM (LPFM) Radio Stations. Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat | Low Power FM Home Page ]3/22/99

Chairman Kennard Vows Continued Vigilance as Consumer Advocate; Outlines "Truth-in-Billing" Initiative. Chairman Kennard's Remarks | News Release ]3/22/99

Commission Initiates Proceeding on Changed Auction Authority Under the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. 3/22/99

FCC Increases Consumer Access to Long Distance Rate Information, (CC Docket No. 96-61). News Release & Statements ]3/18/99

FCC Adopts Rules to Promote the Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Services, (CC Docket No. 98-147). News Release & Statements ]3/18/99

FCC Adopts Two Orders Related to the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (CC Docket No. 96-45). 3/18/99

Commission Streamlines the International Authorization Process, Reducing Regulatory Burdens and Granting Greater Flexibility to Authorized International Carriers (IB Docket No. 98-118). News Release & Statements ]3/18/99

FCC Adopts Notice Proposing Policies and Service Rules for the 2GHz Mobile Satellite Service. 3/18/99

"Entertaining and Responsible TV," Chairman Kennard's 3/16/99 Remarks at the"Through the Eyes of Children" Confernce in North Hollywood, California. 3/17/99

A New FCC for the 21st Century: Chairman Kennard Calls for Change, but not Chaos, in Outlining FCC's Pro-Consumer, Pro-Competition Agenda at House Reauthorization Hearing. 3/17/99

Statement of Lawrence Strickling, Chief, FCC Common Carrier Bureau on Opinion of D.C. Circuit Court in CTIA V. FCC. 3/17/99

Statement of Chairman Kennard on the Occasion of His Visit to the Vine Street Elementary School in Los Angeles in Support of the "E-rate" Program. 3/15/99

FCC Releases Orders on Release of Audit Reports on RBOCs' Property Records. 3/12/99

Roderick Kelvin Porter Named Acting Chief, International Bureau. 3/12/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks "A Stable Market, A Dynamic Internet" before Legg Mason in Washington, DC. 3/11/99

OET to Present a Tutorial on "Optical Transmission in the Network" on Friday, March 12. Audio | Presentation Viewgraphs | Public Notice ] 3/11/99

FCC Eliminates Comparably Efficient Interconnection Preapproval Process and Streamlines Network Information Disclosure Rules., Report No. CC 99-4, (CC Docket Nos. 95-20 and 98-10). Text | WordPerfect | News Release ]3/10/99

March 8, 1999 Remarks of Commissioner Gloria Tristani before the New Mexico State University Regulatory Issues Conference. 3/8/99

FCC Closes an Unlicensed Radio Station in Canyon Lake, Texas. 3/8/99

FCC to Hold Second Public Hearing in Series on Telephone Service for Indians on Reservations; Set for March 23 in Chandler, Arizona. 3/8/99

Location and Monitoring Service (LMS) Auction Closes. 3/5/99

Elizabeth Rose, Director of FCC Office of Public Affairs, to Leave Commission; Joy Howell to Become OPA Director. 3/1/99

FCC Adopts Order Addressing Dial-Up Internet Traffic: FCC Lets States Decide Whether Existing Interconnections Decisions Affected by Ruling; FCC Seeks Comment on Proposals to Govern Future Compensation Agreements., Docket N0. 99-68 Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat | News Release & Statements ]2/26/99

Answers from Chairman Kennard to Questions Concerning the Action taken by FCC on 2/25/99 Regarding Reciprocal Compensation for Dial-Up Internet Traffic. New Factsheet on "No Consumer Per Minute Charges To Access ISP's". 2/26/99

FCC Proposes Steps to Implement "GMPCS-MOU", Facilitating Deployment of New Global Mobile Satellite Services While Protecting Against Interference to Radionavigation Services (IB Docket 99-67, FCC 99-37). 2/25/99

FCC Releases Audit Reports on RBOCs' Property Records. News Release & Statements ]2/26/99

Separate Press Release from the Office of Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth: FCC Effectively Overturns State Decisions; Opens Door For Internet Access Charges; Furchtgott-Roth Denied Commissioner Rights. 2/25/99

Commissioner Furchtgott-Roth's Remarks to the Federal Communications Bar Association. 2/25/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks "Moving On" before the NARUC Winter Meeting in Washington, DC. 2/23/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks "Selling Advertisers on Serving All Americans" before The American Advertising Federation, New York. 2/22/99

Citing Pro-Competitive Benefits to Consumers, the Commission Approves AT&T - TCI Merger (FCC 99-24). Text | WordPerfect | MSWord |News Release & Statements ] 2/18/99

FCC Closes an Unlicensed Radio Station in Oakland Park, Florida. 2/18/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on Funding of Rural Schools and Libraries. 2/18/99

Statement of Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth on Recommendation of Schools and Libraries Committee of USAC. 2/18/99

Commissioner Ness' Speech "A Pro-Consumer, Pro-Competition Agenda" before the Florida Communications Policy Symposium. 2/18/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on Minority Broadcast Ownership. 2/17/99

Commissioner Furchtgott-Roth's Letter to Cheryl Parrino, President, Universal Service Administrative Company. 2/17/99

Media Advisory: Chairman Kennard to be Keynote Speaker at Security Exchange Commission's Black History Month Celebration on Wednesday February 17. 2/16/99

FCC Grants Transfer of Licenses from the Puerto Rico Telephone Company to GTE Holdings (FCC 99-22). Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat | News Release ] 2/16/99

Gina Keeney to Leave Commission. 2/12/99

Commissioner Ness' Remarks on the Celebration of African American History Month. 2/12/99

2/10/99 Address of FCC Chairman Kennard, "A Networked Future for all Americans", before the National Telephone Cooperative Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX 2/10/99

"Crossing Into The Wireless Century", Speech of Chairman Kennard at the CTIA Convention in New Orleans, LA on February 9, 1999 2/9/99

Address of Chairman Kennard, "The Telecom Act at Three: Seeing the Face of the Future", at Comptel 1999 Annual Meeting and Trade Exposition in Atlanta, GA on February 8, 1999 2/9/99

Introductory Remarks of Commissioner Tristani at the CTIA conference panel on "Public Policy Affecting Your Bottom Line" February 9, 1999. Consumers, Competition, and the Veil of Ignorance. 2/9/99

Reference Center Temporarily Suspends Public Access to Broadcast Engineering Files 2/9/99

Commission Seeks Comment on Bell Atlantic's Progress Report on Compliance with Bell Atlantic/NYNEX Merger Order Conditions. [ Public Notice | Bell Atlantic Report ] 2/5/99

Commission Releases Order Resolving Payphone Compensation Issues on Remand, CC Docket 96-128, (FCC 99-7).
Text | WordPerfect | News Release ] 2/5/99

Consumer Friendly Website Launched as First Stage of New Consumer Network; Complaints Can Now Be Filed On-Line. 2/5/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks "Thinking Like a Consumer" before the 1999 AARP National Legislative Council Meeting in Washington, D.C. 2/5/99

Renee Licht to be Named Deputy Managing Director 2/5/99

Commission to Hold En Banc Hearing on February 12, 1999 Regarding the Pending Review of the Commission's Local Television Ownership Rules. Public Notice | News Release ]2/5/99

Telecommunications Trends. [ PowerPoint Format | Acrobat Format ] 2/5/99

FCC Proposes Licensed Low Power FM Radio; Seeks Comment on Engineering, Service Rules for New System (MM Docket 99-25, FCC 99-6). [ Text | Acrobat | WordPerfect | Attachnment 1 | Attachnment 2 | Attachnment 3 | News Release & Statements | Low Power FM Radio Service Home Page ] 1/28/99, 2/4/99

Comments, Testimony and Other Evidence Presented Now Available from FCC Public Hearing on Telephone Service for Indians on Reservations . 2/4/99

Participants and Agenda for February 5 FCC Roundtable on the Economics of Mergers Between Large ILECS. 2/3/99

Commission Adopts Adjustments to Methods of Measuring and Predicting Television Signal Intensity of Grade B, as Used in The 1988 Satellite Home Viewer Act, to Better Identify "Unserved Households" (CS Docket No. 98-201, FCC 99-14). Text | WordPerfect | News Release & Statements ] 2/3/99

FCC to Begin Issuing Frequent Visitor Pass for Portals Building. 2/2/99

FCC Issues Report on the Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Capability to All Americans (CC Docket No. 98-146, FCC 99-5). Text | WordPerfect | News Release & Statements ] 1/28/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on Supreme Court's Denial of Cert in Fifth Circuit Bill of Attainder Case. 1/20/99

Chairman Kennard's Remarks at Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observation in Boston. 1/19/99

FCC Launches a New Web Site for Consumers to File Telephone-Related Complaints and to Find Information on Telephone-Related Issues. 1/15/99

The systems that host FCC Databases will be upgraded on Saturday, January 16, beginning at 7:00 am and continuing throughout the day. During this time, there will be no public access to the databases via the Internet. 1/15/99

FCC Hosts January 14th Meeting of the Network Reliability and Interoperability Council. Public Notice | Audio ] 1/12/99

Commissioner Ness' Remarks "International Telecommunications: An Opportunity for U.S. and EU Joint Leadership" Before The European Institute. 1/12/99

Chairman Kennard's Statement on the Court Decision Upholding the FCC's Benchmarks Order. 1/14/99

Chief Economist to Hold Economic Round Table Regarding Telecom Mergers. 1/14/99

Commissioner Ness' Remarks "Delivering on the Promise of Digital Television" at the Consumer Electronics Show, DTV Supersession. 1/12/99

FCC Seeks Comment on Request for Expeditious Review of the Transfer of the Lockheed Martin Communications Industry Services Business (CC Docket No. 92-237). Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat ] 1/7/99

Chairman Kennard's Agenda for the FCC for 1999. 1/7/99

International Bureau Authorizes ISR Between the United States and Hong Kong (DA 98-2654). Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat | News Release ] 1/7/99

Offices of Chairman and Commissioners Relocate to Portals, Effective January 11. 1/6/99

FCC Says Rate Integration Applies to CMRS Industry (CC Docket No. 96-61). News Release | Powell Statement ] 1/4/99

Press Statement of William E. Kennard on Re-appointment of Cheryl L. Parrino as Chief Executive Officer of the Universal Service Administrative Company. 1/4/99

United States and Mexico Sign Agreement on Mobile Satellite Services. News Release | Kennard Statement ] 1/4/99