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The Division is responsible for the engineering review of satellite systems applications, and for registering FCC-licensed satellite systems with the ITU. The Division provides expertise about the commercial space industry in domestic and international spectrum management processes and advocates U.S. satellite radiocommunications interests in international coordination and other related negotiations.

Name Telephone E-mail
Boren,Gregory 202-418-7595 Gregory.Boren@fcc.gov
Devereux, Jeffery 202-418-7678 Jeffery.Devereux@fcc.gov
Flores, Carlos 202-418-7499 Carlos.Flores@fcc.gov
Gersten, Gabrial 202-418-0297 Gabrial.Gersten@fcc.gov
Hill, Joseph 202-418-2215 Joseph.Hill@fcc.gov
Karty, Samuel 202-418-1483 Samuel.Karty@fcc.gov
Krautkramer, Kal 202-418-1335 Kal.Krautkramer@fcc.gov
Lam, Sylvia 202-418-0742 Sylvia.Lam@fcc.gov
Medley, Kathyrn
Acting Division Chief
202-418-1211 Kathyrn.Medley@fcc.gov
Persaud, Sankar 202-418-2441 Sankar.Persaud@fcc.gov
Trevino, Jose 202-418-1946 Jose.Trevino@fcc.gov
Tu, Julia 202-418-0731 Julia.Tu@fcc.gov
Thursday, June 29, 2023