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The Division develops and administers rules, regulations, and policies to support a competitive and innovative space-based global telecommunications marketplace.  The Division works closely with the Satellite Licensing Division and the Earth Station Licensing Division on the authorization of satellite space and earth stations. 

Banks, Curtrisha202-418-0749CurTrisha.Banks@fcc.gov
Balatan, Jennifer202-418-1517Jennifer.Balatan@fcc.gov
Brown, Fatimah202-418-0744Fatimah.Brown@fcc.gov
DeCell, Clay202-418-0803Clay.DeCell@fcc.gov
Fuller, Jameyanne202-418-0945Jameyanne.Fuller@fcc.gov
Horn, Alexandra202-418-1376Alexandra.Horn@fcc.gov
Mahoney, Carolyn202-418-7168Carolyn.Mahoney@fcc.gov
Malette, Julia202-418-2453Julia.Malette@fcc.gov
Neville Stephanie202-418-2453Stephanie.Neville@fcc.gov
Padgett, Brandon202-418-1377Brandon.Padgett@fcc.gov
Poltronieri, Jeanine 
Deputy Chief
Roberts, Alyssa202-418-7276Alyssa.Roberts@fcc.gov
Spiers, Cindy202-418-1593Cindy.Spiers@fcc.gov
Thomas, Alan202-418-2338Alan.Thomas@fcc.gov
Velez, Merissa
Division Chief
Whaley, Jay
Associate Division Chief
Wednesday, June 28, 2023