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Rule Part

47 C.F.R, Part 74

Radio Service Code(s)

Land Mobile Broadcast Auxiliary
  • RP - Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
Microwave Broadcast Auxiliary
  • AI - Aural Intercity Relay
  • AB - Aural Microwave Booster
  • AS - Aural Studio Transmitter Link
  • TI - TV Intercity Relay
  • TB - TV Microwave Booster
  • TP - TV Pickup
  • TS - TV Studio Transmitter Link
  • TT - TV Translator Relay
Low Power Auxiliary Service
  • LP - Broadcast Auxiliary Low Power

Broadcast Auxiliary authorization is available to licensees of Broadcast stations and to Broadcast or Cable Network entities. Certain entities involved in television and motion picture production activities are also eligible for Low Power Broadcast Auxiliary authorizations.
Broadcast Auxiliary stations are used for relaying broadcast aural and television signals. They can be used to relay signals from the studio to the transmitter, or between two points, such as a main studio and an auxiliary studio. The Broadcast Auxiliary services also include mobile TV pickups and remote pickup stations which relay signals from a remote location, back to the studio.
Parent Broadcast Station information for AM, FM, or TV broadcast stations may be retrieved via the AM Query, FM Query, or the TV Query.

Frequency Coordinators

The following list of microwave coordinators is provided for information purposes only, and may not constitute a complete list of available frequency coordinators. The Federal Communications Commission does not license or endorse any microwave frequency coordinators. Additional information regarding microwave frequency coordination is also available from the National Spectrum Managers Association (NSMA). NSMA is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization providing an industry forum for microwave frequency coordinators.
103 Commerce Street, Unit 180
Lake Mary, FL 32746
P: 407-333-2300
F: 407-333-2310
14027 Weeping Cherry Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
P: 301-408-8874
2052 Bridgegate Court
Westlake Village, CA 91361
P: 805-495-7619
F: 805-495-7371
19700 Janelia Farm Boulevard
Ashburn, VA 20147
P: 703-726-5500
F: 703-726-5595
231 Sagamore Road
Gilford, N.H. 03249
P: 603-293-0002
P: 603-362-5977
F: 603-293-0002
16W215 83rd Street, Suite D
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
P: 773-667-4585
F: 773-326-4641
500 North Michigan Ave, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 46256
P: 312-321-4776
F: 312-321-4776
8801 Sargent Road
Indianapolis, IN 46256
P: 317-436-8877
F: 317-436-8874
2121 Cooperative Way, Suite 225
Herndon, VA 20171
P: 703-528-5115
F: 703-524-1074
P: 800-482-8282
16 W 575 79th St., Suite 102
Willowbrook, IL 60527
P: 312-841-9188
507-C NW 60th Street
Gainesville, FL 32607
P: 352-332-3157
F: 352-332-6392
720 F Avenue, Suite 100
Plano, TX 75074
P: 972-422-7200
F: 972-422-1900
266 West Main Street
Denville, NJ 07834
P: 973-627-7400
F: 973-215-2168
385 Airport Drive
Coldwater, MI 49036
P: 517-278-7339
F: 517-278-6973
6701 Democracy Blvd, Suite 300
Bethesda, MD 20817
P: 301-493-5171
F: 301-576-4553
2625 South Memorial Drive, Suite A
Tulsa, OK 74129
P: 888-373-4832
F: 918-664-3066
1129 20th Street NW, Suite 350
Washington, DC 20036
P: 202-872-0030
F: 202-872-1331
111 108 Avenue NE, Suite 160
Bellevue, WA 98004
P: 425-643-5000
F: 425-649-5675



Thursday, March 23, 2017