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Rule Part

47 C.F.R, Parts 1, 101

Radio Service Code(s)

  • LD

Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) is considered a fixed service (point-to-point or point-to-multipoint). See Part 101, Subpart L.  LMDS may render any kind of fixed communications service consistent with the technical rules.

The Commission auctioned two LMDS licenses per market (Basic Trading Areas). The "A" license currently includes a total of 300 megahertz bandwidth in the 29.1 – 29.25 GHz and 31.075 – 31.225 GHz bands. The "B" license, 150 megahertz wide, covered 31.0 – 31.075 GHz and 31.225 GHz – 31.3 GHz. In 2016 the Commission converted licenses for the 27.5 – 28.35 GHz band portion of the A Block to the Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service (UMFUS), and granted mobile rights to the existing licensees.  See UMFUS Service Page for more info.  27.5 – 28.35 GHz is no longer part of the LMDS service.

Licenses are issued for a ten year period.  The FCC held Local Multipoint Distribution Service auctions in February-March 1998 (Auction 17) and in April-May 1999 (Auction 23).


Band Plan

LMDS band plan


Subject to FCC approval, it may be possible to obtain all or part of a LMDS license(s) from a current licensee.  Licensees may sell a full license (pursuant to an application for assignment of authorization), or part of a license (pursuant to an application to partition or disaggregate).   You may also acquire a company, including all of its licenses, through a transfer of control.  It may also be possible to obtain access to LMDS spectrum by leasing from an existing licensee.   All of these transactions require online filing of Form 603 (or, for leases, Form 608) via the Universal Licensing System.

Method for Obtaining Spectrum CFR Rule Part
Assignment of Authorization
Sale of an entire license.
Sale of part of a license based on a geographic area.
Sale of part of a license's spectrum.
Partition & Disaggregation
A combination of the sale of a part of a license based on geographic area containing only a part of a license's spectrum.
Spectrum Leasing
Leasing of all or a part of a licensee's spectrum usage rights associated with a license.
1.9001 - 1.9060
Transfer of Control
Acquisition of a company and its assets, including its licenses.