The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, by release of this Public Notice and as updated by this Public Notice, establishes the format for filing electronic maps associated with 700 MHz construction notifications. 700 MHz construction notifications must contain a shapefile map, a PDF map, and a technical narrative.

700 MHz Band Construction Notifications – Required Exhibits

  • PDF Map
  • Defined Geographic Service Area
  • Partitioned Area (if applicable)
  • Coverage area specifying the minimum received signal level
  • Transmitter sites
  • Distance scale (in miles)
  • Projection
  • Labeled latitude and longitude lines
  • Identify excluded Federal and/or State lands (CMA & EA Licenses)
  • Legend accurately identifying all map layers
  • Title identifying licensee name, call sign, and market designation
  • Letter size; portrait or landscape orientation
  • Resolution not less than 350 dpi
  • If possible, create GeoPDF, which includes geographic and attribute data
  • Technical narrative explaining each of the following:
  • Engineering methodology
  • Propagation model used for prediction
  • Coverage area calculation (Provide values and resulting percentage):
    1. Area covered (in sq miles)/Total market or partitioned area (in sq miles) for CMA and EA licenses; or
    2. Pops covered /Total Pops in each EA for REAG licenses
  • Census data used (if population benchmark is required)
    • Identify data source for excluded Federal and/or State lands
    • Type of service (fixed and/or mobile)
    • Technology and bandwidth
    • If providing two-way communication services, provide the Forward and Reverse path link budget tables and assumptions including:
    1. Minimum target downlink and uplink data rates corresponding to each link budget;
    2. Minimum Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR) for target data rates;
    3. Minimum acceptable received signal levels for target data rates in terms of Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI); and
    4. Maximum Allowable Path Loss (MAPL) for downlink and uplink based on the target data rates in the link budget and consistent with the coverage maps
  • RSSI value should be used to depict signal coverage on map o Explanation describing how the system design supports the respective target data rates


Friday, September 30, 2022