The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s map files for Cellular Geographic Service Areas (CGSAs) in GIS Shapefile and GeoJson formats are now available to the public. For further information, see the Public Notice.

The map files are updated to reflect 800 MHz Cellular Service applications filed, returned or granted, thus placing at the fingertips of interested parties -- in a centralized location -- the FCC information necessary to determine more quickly the area in every Cellular Market Area -- Blocks A and B -- that remains unserved and available for licensing.*

  • A Block: 824-835, 845-846.5, 869-880, and 890-891.5 (25 MHz)
  • B Block: 835-845, 846.5-849, 880-890, and 891.5-894 (25 MHz)

Map Files for Each Market (Shapefile)

Map Files for Each Market (GeoJson)

  • A Block CGSA Map Data: json
  • B Block CGSA Map Data: json

*Please be mindful of the “as of” date noted in the map files. Actions taken by the FCC since the “as of” date will not be reflected until the next update.

The data provided is for informational purposes and research assistance only. Moreover, the data does not represent actual coverage by a wireless provider; the FCC makes no representations or warranties about the provision of service on the 800 MHz Cellular Service spectrum.


Monday, September 9, 2013