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Cellular System Identification Codes (SIDs) are 15-bit numeric identifiers used in cellular systems to identify the home system and roaming status for a mobile phone as well as for billing purposes. Originally, the FCC oversaw the administration of cellular SIDs. Starting October 1, 2003, the administration of cellular SIDs transferred to the private sector. A SID assignment does not imply ownership but implies entitled use. This finite resource requires efficient management; licensees are therefore encouraged to periodically verify assignments by checking the SID database.

Licensees must contact the SID Administrators to:

  • Request a new SID code assignment
  • Retire a SID that is no longer in use
  • Update information associated with an existing SID

Current SID Administrators

Contact the Secretariat, Ed Hall
P: 410-340-7892
Contact the SID Central Database Manager, David Crowe
P: 403-289-6609