The radio station requirements from which the exemption is requested, such as:

  • A particular piece of required equipment;
  • To allow non-GMDSS certified equipment because it is functionally equivalent to the required GMDSS certified equipment;
  • FCC licensed operator requirements; or
  • Other requirements due to the circumstances of the vessel.

Detailed description of the voyages for which the exemption is requested, including:

  • Maximum distance from nearest land in nautical miles;
  • Maximum distance between two consecutive ports in nautical miles;
  • Names of all ports of call and an indication of whether travel will include a foreign port; and
  • List the specific requirement you are asking an exemption from and supporting information as to why it should be considered. 

Reasons for the exemption:

  • Size of vessel;
  • Variety of radio equipment on board;
  • Use of equipment that does not meet the requirements, but serves as a functional equivalent;
  • Limited routes; and/or ·Conditions of voyages.

Documents can be attached to the application to support the exemption request.  At a minimum, supporting information should include a description of the equipment that is currently onboard and a statement that the equipment is installed and operating properly.  Depending on the class of vessel, this could include the following types of equipment:

  • VHF Radio Installation (indicate if GMDSS-approved);
  • Single Side-Band (SSB) Radio (indicate the bands of operation, and indicate if GMDSS-approved);
  • Category 1, 406 MHz EPIRB (indicate if GMDSS-approved);
  • NAVTEX Receiver (indicate if GMDSS-approved);
  • Survival Craft VHF (indicate if GMDSS approved);
  • 9 GHz Radar Transponder (indicate if GMDSS-approved);
  • Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs) (indicate if AIS- and GMDSS-approved)
  • Ship Earth Station; (include details on the type and model and indicate if GMDSS- approved)
  • 2182 Radiotelephone Auto Alarm
  • Reserve Power Supply (capability); and
  • Any other equipment (i.e. satellite phone make and model.)

Finally, attach a copy of the most recent U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection and/or FCC-licensed inspector’s report if available.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022