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Connect2HealthFCC (#C2HFCC) is a senior-level, multi-disciplinary Task Force designed to move the needle on broadband and advanced health care technologies.

“Connecting everyone, everywhere through broadband and advanced technologies to the people, services and information they need to get well and stay healthy is our vision.” – P. Michele Ellison, Chair

Michele Ellison, General Counsel, serves as Task Force Chair.

Recognizing that technology innovations in clinical practice and care delivery are poised to fundamentally change the face of health care, C2HFCC is charged with exploring the intersection of broadband, advanced technology, and health.  The Task Force will focus on further charting the broadband future of health and care.  This will ensure that the FCC stays ahead of the health technology curve.  The Task Force also will serve as an umbrella for all FCC health-oriented activities, including:

  • Promoting effective policy and regulatory solutions that encourage broadband adoption and promote health IT.
  • Identifying regulatory barriers (and incentives) to the deployment of advanced health care technologies and devices.
  • Engaging a diverse array of traditional and non-traditional stakeholders to identify emerging issues and opportunities in the broadband health space.
  • Strengthening the nation's telehealth infrastructure through its Rural Health Care Program and other initiatives.
  • Encouraging the development of broadband-enabled health technologies that are designed to be fully accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Raising consumer awareness about the value proposition of broadband in the health care sector and its potential for addressing health care disparities.
  • Highlighting effective telehealth projects, broadband-enabled health technologies, and mhealth applications across the country and abroad – to identify lessons learned, best practices and regulatory challenges.

The Task Force seeks broad, public and private stakeholder input and collaboration to meet these goals.  Ultimately and consistent with our statutory mandate, we must ensure that advanced communications technologies are widely available to all Americans. Learn more about the C2H Mission and Vision.

To offer comments or to partner, contact the C2H team at connect2health@fcc.gov.
To schedule a meeting, contact the C2H team at engagec2h@fcc.gov

Tuesday, April 11, 2023