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By identifying regulatory barriers, as well as incentives, and building stronger partnerships with public and private stakeholders in the areas of telehealth, mobile applications, and telemedicine, we seek to accelerate the adoption of advanced health care technologies — leveraging broadband and other next-gen communications services, highlighting promising health IT and telemedicine initiatives across the country and abroad, and expediting a vital shift to more ubiquitous, broadband-enabled health care solutions along the entire health and wellness continuum.


Everyone connected ... to the people, services and information they need to get well and stay healthy.

Flowchart: Image showing how people connect to services and information

Robust connections

  • Anywhere
  • On-demand and in real time
  • Trusted and secure (platforms and devices)

Integrated and seamless care

  • Patients and caregivers
  • Health systems and clinicians
  • Social service agencies
  • Community health centers
  • Wellness providers (e.g., grocery stores, fitness centers)
  • Centers of learning
  • Research and data analytics

Empowered and engaged consumers

  • Interactive, healthy decision support
  • Consumer-generated health data
  • Targeted digital health and wellness content

To offer comments or to partner, contact the C2H team at connect2health@fcc.gov.