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The FCC's Electronic ARMIS Filing System (EAFS) Data Retrieval Module allows you to download certain financial and operational data filed by the nation's largest local exchange carriers.  These data were submitted to the ARMIS EAFS for 2013 and prior years in compliance with Part 43 of the FCC's Rules.

All ARMIS filings for 2014 and subsequent years were submitted via the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) in CC Docket No. 86-182, rather than EAFS, and can be accessed by searching ECFS.  This change was made as a result of the 2014 ARMIS Procedures Order (DA 14-1387) and to comply with the FCC's cyber security policies. 

Options for Retrieving ARMIS Data:
  • Preset Reports -- pre-selected data in the form of preset ("canned") reports having broad appeal.  Users can also select and print formatted ARMIS data beginning with reporting year 1996.
  • Customized Reports -- provides a choice of extracting data via a "Full-Featured" version or a "Compact Format" version (fewer query choices, minimal data formatting, etc.) of the data retrieval module.
  • ASCII Files -- download data in ASCII (comma-delimited) files, beginning with reporting year 1996.
  • Data Information Reports -- summary information on filings: Submissions Received, Public Submission Numbers, Confidential Submission Numbers, Resubmissions, and Filing History
  • Related Documents -- retrieve documents that are part of an ARMIS submission but separate from the data, such as transmittal letter or certification statement.
Thursday, January 8, 2015