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Video Division, Media Bureau

The Video Division licenses commercial and noncommercial educational TV, Low Power TV, Class A TV, TV Translators and TV Booster broadcast services. The Division provides legal and technical analysis of applications and recommends appropriate disposition of applications, requests for waivers and other pleadings.

Video Division (202) 418-1600
Division Chief Barbara Kreisman
Deputy Division Chief Hossein Hashemzadeh
Deputy Division Chief David Brown
Associate Division Chief Kevin Harding
Associate Division Chief/Special Counsel Dorann Bunkin
Associate Division Chief Pamela Gallant

Video Sections

Internet Queries

Our popular internet queries may be used to retrieve information about television and radio broadcast stations.

Requested Information

  • How to Apply for a Broadcast Station  General information about the process.
  • License Renewal Applications for TV Broadcast Stations  All television broadcast station licenses will expire between 2012 and 2015.  Licensees must file a license renewal application (FCC Form 303-S) and the Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Program Statement (FCC Form 396) four months before the expiration date of the stations license.  This page provides information about the license renewal process for radio broadcast stations.
  • Children's Television  What is required under the Children's Television Act?
  • Broadcast of Obscene and/or Indecent Material  This page provides an overview of FCC regulations.
  • The Public and Broadcasting provides a brief, non-technical overview of the FCC's regulation of radio and television, including Public Inspection File requirements.  (Revised July 2008)
  • MB Tower Siting Information Guide was created at the request of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation regarding the inclusion of broadcast facilities in the March 16, 2001 nationwide Programmatic Agreement on Collocation of communications antennae.  It is also intended to help State Historic Preservation Officers as well as Tribal Historic Preservation Officers understand broadcast facilities.
  • Religious Broadcasting The FCC will not prohibit religious organizations' ownership of broadcast stations.  A petition (RM-2493, from Madilyn Murray O'Hare) which had requested that the FCC make changes was denied in 1975 (54 FCC 2d 941).  Excerpts from that proceeding are located here.

Electronic Filing


Annual DTV Ancillary/Supplementary Use Services Report for Digital TV.  Due: 12/1/15.
Public Notice: Word | Acrobat

Media Bureau Suspends Comment Deadlines in Vacant Channel Proceeding.
Order: Word | Acrobat

Channel Sharing Learn Webinar Rescheduled: Revised Instructions.
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Commission Adopts Consent Decree with Beach TV.
Order: Word | Acrobat

FCC Adopts Order Denying Global Radio, LLC Application for Review.
MO&O: Word | Acrobat

Channel Sharing Webinar.
Public Notice: Word | Acrobat

Comment Deadlines for Preserving Vacant Channels NPRM.  NPRM Comment Date: 8/3/15.  NPRM Reply Comment Date: 8/31/15.
Public Notice: Word | Acrobat

Commission Adopts Incentive Auction Second Order on Reconsideration.
Order: Word | Acrobat
Pai Statement: Word | Acrobat

FCC Adopts Incentive Auction Vacant Channels NPRM.
NPRM: Word | Acrobat
Pai Statement: Word | Acrobat
O'Reilly Statement: Word | Acrobat

MB Announces Incentive Auction Eligible Facilities & July 9 Deadline.
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Appendix A: Acrobat

Media Bureau Reminder of May 29, 2015 Pre-Auction Licensing Deadline.
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Suspension of Sept. 1, 2015 Digital Transition Date for LPTV/Translator.
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FCC Announces Broadcaster Information Sessions for OH, IN, KY, and NAB.
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LPTV Learn Webinar Rescheduled.
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Media Bureau Announces Completion of 2nd Phase of Licensing and Management System.
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California Broadcaster Information Sessions on Incentive Auction.
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Media Bureau Webinar to Discuss Issues Relevant to LPTV/TV Translator Stations.
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Media Bureau Designates May 29, 2015 As Pre-Auction Licensing Deadline.
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Media Bureau Announces LPTV Webinar.
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Amendment of Parts 73 and 74 of the Commission's Rules.  Extended Reply Comments Due: 2/2/15.
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Broadcast Station Totals As Of December 31, 2014.
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Headline Archives

For more information pertaining to the Video Division, please call:  (202) 418-1600.

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