Market Disputes Resolution Division:
Division Chief: Rosemary McEnery
Deputy Chief: Lisa Griffin
Assistant Division Chief: Lisa Saks

The Market Disputes Resolution Division (MDRD) mediates and adjudicates two principal types of disputes – those brought under Section 208 of the Act by market participants, entities, or organizations against wireline, wireless, or international common carriers, and those brought under Section 224 of the Act by cable operators, telecommunications carriers, and other parties against utility pole owners.

The functions performed by the Market Disputes Resolution Division include:

  • Processing informal Section 208 complaints against common carriers brought by entities other than consumers.
  • Resolving formal Section 208 complaints and Section 224 complaints based on a written record comprised of detailed, fact-based pleadings.
  • Conducting voluntary, FCC-sponsored mediation of Section 208 and Section 224 disputes instituted by the submission of a mediation request and/or an informal complaint and designed to facilitate a negotiated settlement between the parties.
  • Serving as the intake point for disputes against common carriers that courts have referred to the Commission under the doctrine of primary jurisdiction.

For more information, see the Adjudicatory Process & General Market Dispute Topics web page.


Thursday, July 13, 2023