Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Results of Conformity Assessment Procedures between the United States of America and United Mexican States


The agreement was signed in May 2011.  It is intended to streamline the conformity assessment procedures for a wide range of telecommunications equipment and facilitates trade between the United States and United Mexican States (Mexico). It provides for the mutual recognition of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and mutual acceptance of the results of equipment certification procedures undertaken by those bodies in assessing conformity of equipment to the importing economy's technical regulations.


This Agreement applies to conformity assessment of equipment that may be attached to a public telecommunications network and other equipment subject to telecommunications regulation, including wire and wireless equipment, and terrestrial and satellite equipment, whether or not connected to a public telecommunications network. Equipment which can only be connected behind devices providing adequate network protection for a public telecommunications network may be excluded by either Party from the scope of testing it applies to network terminal attachment.

General Information about MRA

The Mexico MRA is a bilateral, single sector agreement.

Under this MRA, all information is submitted to the FCC from the CABs through the Federal Telecommunications Commission (COFETEL). Note that after the MRA was signed the Mexican Government reorganized and COFETEL became the Instituto Federal de Telecommunicaciones (IFT).

A joint committee has been established to discuss implementation and operational issues.

Participating Countries

The MRA for Telecommunications, radio and terminal equipment is operational at this time.

Links/Supporting Information

The text of the Mexico MRA may be viewed at:

Additional information regarding the Mexico MRA may be found on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) web site at: