Who Must File  

  • Facilities-based providers of broadband connections to end user locations
  • Providers of wired or fixed wireless local exchange telephone service
  • Providers of interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service
  • Facilities-based providers of mobile telephony service

Filing Deadlines: March 1 and September 1

Note: The electronic filing system is available for the March 1, 2011 and earlier filings.

How to File:

  • Obtain an FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password if you do not have them. Use the update feature to reset password, if necessary.
  • File online using the required web-based system.

What Information to File: See the detailed Instructions.

Resources and Tools:

  • Screen Shots is a blank copy of the filing system (63 pages).
  • Tutorial is an overview of how to complete and file Form 477 (64 pages).
  • System Guide is a more detailed explanation of the filing system that includes trouble-shooting reminders.
  • Technical FAQs discusses the most commonly reported filer difficulties.
  • Census Tract Information is relevant for broadband providers.

Contact FCC Form 477 staff: 477info@fcc.gov or (202) 418-0940.