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Before commencing operation, a cable system operator must file FCC Form 322 (Cable Community Registration) for each community to be served in accordance with 47 C.F.R 76.1801.  The purpose of the cable registration form is to provide an accurate and updated record of all cable systems operating in the United States.  Each community must have its own separate registration form.  The Commission will assign a Community Unit Identification number (CUID) when the registration process is complete.

The FCC has technical quality standards that define a basic quality of service that cable subscribers are entitled to receive. Cable companies serving 1,000 or more subscribers must test semi-annually to demonstrate that they meet these standards.

Registrations can be done online at  https://apps.fcc.gov/coals.  The fee code is "TAC".   Follow this link for the current Media Bureau Fee Filing Guide for each community being registered.

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If you have been contacted by FCC staff by phone or by letter regarding a registration, aeronautical frequency notification, basic signal leakage performance report (CLI) or CARS application requesting more information, unless otherwise directed, please send all requested information to the address below with the reference number and the name of the person requesting the information for faster processing.


Name of Person Requesting Information
Federal Communications Commission
Media Bureau, Industry Analysis Division
45 L Street NE
Washington, D.C.  20554

FCC Media BureauIndustry Analysis Division