MVPDs planning to use the frequencies in the aeronautical radio communications or navigational frequency bands must notify the Commission by electronically filing FCC Form 321 (Aeronautical Frequency Notification) prior to the activation of these frequencies.  The operational requirements in the aeronautical bands are contained in 47 C.F.R 76.1804.

The purpose of the Aeronautical Frequency Notification, Form 321, is to provide accurate and updated information for systems that use the aeronautical frequencies.

Cable operators must provide Community Unit Identifiers (CUIDs) for all the communities affected, community names, and states contained within the radius of the Aeronautical Frequency Notification on Exhibit 1.

Non-cable MVPDs must provide their Non-Cable Identifier (NCID).  If the non-cable MVPD does not have an NCID, one will be supplied when this form is accepted.  Non-cable MVPDs should provide as a community name the name by which their service area is generally known, such as the subdivision, development, building, building complex, campus, neighborhood, etc.  Additional pages may be attached, if necessary.

AFN Application

Aeronautical Frequency Notification now should be done online at:  The fee code is "TAB".  Follow this link for the current Media Bureau Fee Filing Guide.


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If you have been contacted by FCC staff by phone or by letter regarding a registration, aeronautical frequency notification, basic signal leakage performance report (CLI) or CARS application requesting more information, unless otherwise directed, please send all requested information to the address below with the reference number and the name of the person requesting the information for faster processing.

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