• FM Channel to Frequency
  • FM Frequency to Channel
  • TV Channel to Frequency Band
  • Feet to/from Meters
  • Miles to/from Kilometers
  • Field Strength Units: dBu to/from mV/m
  • Power Units: kW to/from dBk
  • Power: Relative Field
  • Transmission Line Efficiency (FM broadcast band only)
  • Electrical Degrees To/from Meters
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees
  • Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds
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    FM and TV Channel / Frequency conversions


    FM Channel to Frequency:    
       Enter Channel: 
      Frequency:  MHz

    FM Frequency to Channel Number:  
       Enter Frequency: 

    TV Channel to Frequency Band

      Enter TV Transmit Channel: 
    (2 to 69)
    Band:   MHz


    Metric / English distance conversions

      Feet To/From meters
      Enter the distance
    Select meters or feet 
    , Result:

    meters = feet * 0.3048     feet = meters / 0.3048

    Miles To / From Kilometers

      Enter the distance
    Select miles or km 

    kilometers = miles * 1.609344     miles = kilometers / 1.609344


    Field Strength -- dBu to / from mV/m

      Enter field strength 
    Select mV/m or dBu

    mV/m = 10(dBu/20) / 1000.     dBu = 20 log10 ((mV/m) * 1000.)
    The factor of 1000 is used to convert millivolts per meter to microvolts per meter.


    • Common FCC-Defined Equivalent dBu and mV/m Values
      (dB above 1 microvolt
      per meter (uV))
      (millivolts per meter
      electric field strength)
      100 dBu 100 mV/m
      80 dBu 10 mV/m
      70 dBu 3.16 mV/m
      60 dBu 1.0 mV/m
      54 dBu 0.5 mV/m
      40 dBu 0.1 mV/m
      34 dBu 0.05 mV/m
      28 dBu 0.025 mV/m
      Note: Higher field strength values are found closer to a transmitter site. For FM and TV field strengths and distances, use the propagation curves program.



      kW (kilowatts) to / from dBk (dB kilowatts)


      Enter power value 
    Select kilowatts or dBk 

    kW = 10(dBk / 10)     dBk = 10 log10 (kW)


    Relative Field Values for Directional Pattern

      Enter the maximum ERP, in kW       
      Enter the radial ERP in kW, 
      or relative field value (0.000 to 1.000) 

    Select Relative Field or Radial ERP


    Radial ERP = (Maximum ERP) * (relative field) 2

    Transmission Line Efficiency -- Computed values are valid for the FM radio band only.
    -- This function does not cover all cable types.


      FM Channel number (200 to 300): 

    efficiency (as decimal) = 10-[(dB/100 feet) * (length in meters)] / [1000 * 0.3048]
    where dB/100 feet is the manufacturer's value for the attenuation in the cable.


    Electrical Degrees to/from Meters



    Necessary Parameters:


        Meters per wavelength
        at this frequency (computed):
    meters per wavelength
    Electrical Degrees to Meters

      electrical degrees
    Meters to Electrical Degrees

    electrical degrees

    wavelength (m) = [speed of light (m/sec)] / [frequency (Hz = cycles/sec)]
    where speed of light = 2.99792456 * 108 meters/second

    360 electrical degrees = 1 wavelength




    Enter Degrees Minutes Seconds

    Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees

          Search for FM Stations in a Frequency Range:

                  Lower Frequency:                         Select Lower Frequency:

    Select Upper Frequency
    Results:  Latitude:   Longitude:           

    Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds

    Results:  Latitude:   Longitude:           

    AM Wavelength, given Frequency

    Enter AM Frequency in kHz: 
    (1000 kHz = 1 MHz) 


    meters in wavelength
    Speed of light = (frequency) * (wavelength), where frequency is in Hz, wavelength in meters, and speed of light = 2.99792458 * 108 meters/second.

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