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Governmental entities, as well as park districts and authorities, may be eligible to operate a Travelers' Information Station (TIS, also called Highway Advisory Radio) for the purpose of disseminating information by broadcast radio to travelers.  A license is required before construction of, or operation of, a Travelers' Information Station.  This service, which was created in 1977 by the Report and Order in Docket 20509, is covered under rule 47 CFR 90.242.  Travelers' Information Stations operate in the AM Broadcast Band (530 kHz - 1700 kHz) and are limited to a 10 watt transmitter output power, an antenna height no greater than 15 meters (49.2 feet), and a coverage radius of 3 km.  These stations may not transmit commercial information.  (Some revisions to the service's rules were adopted in PS Docket 09-19.) This service is not available to individuals or groups, but only to governmental entities and park districts.  See 47 CFR 90.242 and 47 CFR 90.20(a).

State and Local Governments may also create state-wide networks to provide non-commercial public safety information via radio using LPFM stations (see the LPFM page).  Applications for this type of service must be filed on Form 318 during LPFM filing windows, and will be processed by the Audio Division, Media Bureau.

The search form below uses the General Menu Reports, specifically a modified form of the Site/Frequency search.  The service code for TIS stations is PW (Conventional Public Safety Pool) in the Land Mobile - Private (LP) category.  The frequency range for TIS stations will be between 530 and 1700 KHz (K).  Database information for AM band Travelers' Information Stations stations is maintained by PSHSB and is updated as needed.

For more information on AM and FM radio broadcasting, please visit the Audio Division website, and the Broadcast Radio Links page.

FCC > Media Bureau > Audio Division, (202) 418-2700.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021