Your station and your station records (station license and operator license or permit, if required) must be shown when requested by an authorized FCC or USCG representative.

In addition, the Commission's rules requires that the radio installations on certain vessels be inspected periodically by an FCC-licensed inspector.  Checklists for conducting these inspections are available under the Ship Inspection Checklist tab at the top of the page.  Also, the United States Coast Guard has posted an inspection list for Automatic Identification System Installations.

Certificate forms are available in PDF format on the FCC Forms Page.

Foreign Ship Inspections

Process for Requesting a Foreign Inspection from the FCC

  • A Class society must be present to oversee the  qualification of the inspectors

In the request you must submit:

  • The Name of the vessel
  • The Call Sign
  • The IMO number
  • The Official number
  • The Class of the vessel
  • The country where the inspection is taking place.
  • An attachment containing justification for conducting a vessel inspection overseas

For additional information please contact:

Monday, November 20, 2023