The Preliminary FM Study uses the FM Query to generate a list of stations, applications, allotments, and petitions for rulemaking that WILL be considered during review of an FM, LPFM, or FM translator construction permit application.  This analysis is based only on the spacing considerations in Section 73.207 of the Commission's rules (minimum distance separation between stations); no contour or coverage analysis is performed.  As the spacings in this search are set to exceed the maximum spacing requirements in 47 CFR Section 73.207, many records shown on the list may not adversely impact a particular station proposal.  The Preliminary FM Study displays records on the same channel or frequency (cochannel), the first-adjacent, second-adjacent, and third-adjacent channels above and below the selected channel, as well as the Intermediate Frequency (I.F.) channels (53 or 54 channels above or below the selected channel).

Please be advised that compliance with the spacing rules may not be sufficient for acceptance or grant of a construction permit application, or a petition for rulemaking to add a new commercial FM allotment.  The Commission will consider additional information (as needed) that cannot be shown here.  Because information in the Commission's databases changes daily, including the FM Query, we cannot guarantee the continuing accuracy of the results obtained from the Preliminary FM Study.  Parties interested in Low Power FM (LPFM) stations should use the LPFM Channel Finder that is specially tailored for that particular service.

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      Output -- Select FM Query or FM List
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            FM List provides faster response for larger inquiries.


Use the next two options to limit the output to particular services or record types.  Most users will prefer the "All" default options.

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